Shed And Shift


Pain, Energetic Trauma, Burdens, Heavy Emotions;


To Intuition, Inner love, Total Peace And


Soul Alignment, Empowerment And Manifestation

Let me show you how

My Journey
How It Has Helped Me To Help You

My name is Megan. I live in Johannesburg, South Africa. 

I am an Energy Healer and Shamanic Practioner

I work with over 20 different healing modalities, drawing on my studies in psychology, zoology, naturopathy, reiki, pranic healing, theta healing, kitten behavior, animal healing, spirituality and shamanism, to meet your healing needs.

I draw on over 10 years of experience, including working with health and weight loss, drug and alcohol addiction and private practice, to help you transform.

My goal is truly to heal. To do this I adopt different roles: intuitive healer, animal healer, therapist, animal soul communicator, soul coach, plant-based nutritionist and spiritual mentor.

I work intuitively, with our healing guides, to channel exactly what you need to know or to do to heal.

I work with you as an individual; my goal is to hold space for you to transform into your potential.

I guide you inwards: to reconnect to your soul and the ultimate source of love, tranquility and wisdom within.

The healing is deep providing transformation for lasting inner wisdom and tools to navigate your life.

Together, gently, we alchemize shadow into light; revealing your greatest gifts.

Together, we find a balance between gentleness and empowerment: giving your empowered compassion.

Together, we find purpose by making the world a more peaceful space, becoming animal shifters and earth shifters, raising the consciousness of our beautiful planet and developing a deeper relationship with the earth.

This helps YOU MASTER YOUR ENERGY. And master your life

The Shed and Shift Journey:
Shed, Shift, Master

Shed and Shift offers you a powerful three part energy journey; a deep and transformational soul alignment process, to help you achieve energy mastery; a space of consciously creating the reality you deserve while making a positive impact on the world.

Start Your Healing Journey With

Start Your Healing Journey With Shedding

Shedding supports your inner journey of letting go of trauma, pain, depression, fear, heaviness, dis-ease and general disconnection with life and self. These energy blocks holds us back, keeps us stuck and prevents us from reaching our full potential.

This helps us find freedom, achieve a deeper sense of wholeness, inner love and total peace.

Shedding Services Include:

Spiritual Mentoring Sessions

Spiritual Mentoring

Spiritual Mentoring focuses on identifying and healing areas of your life, through powerful healing tools and intuitive wisdom to help you align deeper with your authentic self while finding a deeper sense of clarity, direction with a deep sense of intuitive knowing and empowerment.

Find a new lease on life.

Spiritual mentoring helps you BE more: to be the authentic you in your potential.

Shadow Alchemy Sessions

Shadow Alchemy

Shadow Alchemy will go deep into shadow work through the use of creativeness, meditation and stories so you can let go of these burdens, release trauma and energetic blocks.

These sessions will help you to rediscover your authentic self, your beautiful gifts and develop a deeply loving, accepting and integrated partnership with yourself.

Find Inner love and Total Peace

Continue Your Healing Journey With

Start Your Healing Journey With Shifting

Now we have created space, we can start filling it up.

Shifting allows us to fill this beautiful state of space that shedding has created. We can fill it with the foundations of what we want our life to be.

Through a life-enriching journey of energy healing, shed and shift offers exploration in reiki, journey work, kabbalah, angel connection, crystal, animal totems and more.

Here, we delve into the beautiful space of energy: of intuition, of magic and possibilities.

Shifting Services Include:

Intuitive Energy Healing Session

Intuitive Energy Healing

Intuitive Energy Healing focuses on bringing balance to mind, body and emotions as its’ energetic core so we can find wholeness through intuitively guided wisdom and energy healing.

This will help us move forward feeling energized and in a space of love, empowered compassion, joy, purpose and total peace.

Find tranquility and acceptance within.

Reiki Healing Sessions


Reiki Healing brings us back into balance by aligning our energy through powerful but gentle distant healing allowing us to find a deeper sense of relaxation, comfort, alignment and balance.

These sessions will help us to feel energized and revitalized so we can navigate life feeling calm and in empowered compassion.

They leave us with a deeper sense of serenity, relaxation, and self-acceptance.

The Result

The Result...Energy Mastery

Energy mastery is about being in empowered compassion; being a conscious co-creator of our reality.

By living our life from a space of soul alignment we can start raising the consciousness of the planet to a high vibe place.

It is about making a difference. 

Specifically, for our earth and our animals.

It is about developing a deeper relationship and experiencing the unconditional love and soul lessons we can learn from mother earth and her beautiful creatures.

Energy Mastery Services Include:

Animal Communication

Animal Healing

Animal Healing takes our healing journey and energy master deeper: by nurturing the loving soul connection between us and our animal companions.

These sessions are channeled through pure intuition, guided by spirit and so they are uniquely tailored to what your animal person is needing at the present moment to support their soul growth and holistic health.

These sessions provide incredible transformation so your pets can move forward in ease, peace, health, balance and comfort.

Your Journey: What to Expect

What You Have to Say

Megan uses different holistic and intuitive techniques such as reiki, guided visualisations, inner child work, card reading, dream interpretation or guided karmic regressions in order to help you heal yourself. These techniques worked for me much better than more traditional psychotherapy. Megan´s sessions really helped me to ground myself at the same time that connect with my higher self. I feel much more stronger and happier after one year and a half of therapy whit her.
I am genuinely recommending anyone who wants to learn more about Healing and to Improve their Self-Awareness and become Happier, More Joyful and More Peaceful to contact Meg and work 1 to 1 as the results she is providing are amazing.
The healing was incredible. I was sitting with my dog as Megan was sending healing and I could see her become more calm and relaxed. There was such a shift in her. The feedback received was so applicable too. Thanks so much from me and my furbaby.


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Let us start your healing journey, Together

My Journey
How It Has Helped Me To Help You