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14 situations to book a pet healing session

14 situations to book a pet healing session

 When to Book A Pet Healing Session

Pet energy healing sessions can be a powerful tool for promoting your pet’s well-being, but it’s natural to have some reservations about trying it out.

After all, you want to make sure that the sessions will actually be beneficial for your pets before investing your time and money.

If you’re wondering when it’s a good time to book an animal healing session, here are 14 situations where pet energy healing could be especially helpful:

1. Chronic Illness In Pets

Chronic illnesses in pets can be a tough journey for both the animal and their human family. Whether it be cancer, diabetes, heart problems, kidney or related, these conditions are, unfortunately, on the rise in our beloved furkids. And these chronic illnesses can be debilitating.

Watching our beloved furry friends suffer can be incredibly difficult, and it’s natural to want to do everything we can to help them. However, even with the best veterinary care and medications, chronic illnesses can still take a toll on a pet’s well-being.

This is where animal energy healing can come in. Animal energy healing can work in conjunction with medical treatment to ease symptoms and help pets feel more comfortable. It may not be a cure but it can help to release stress and promote relaxation, which can be especially beneficial for pets who are dealing with chronic pain or discomfort.

In some cases, pet energy healing may even help prolong a pet’s life. By promoting the body’s natural healing abilities, energy healing can help support the immune system and improve overall health and prolong a comfortable and happy life.

2. Genetic Illness In Pets

Purebred animals can be more susceptible to certain conditions due to their genetics, such as allergies or hip dysplasia. There can also be genetic conditions passed down with mixed breeds too.

Pet energy healing can be effective in addressing these issues. It cannot cure but it can help manage it. By balancing the energy within the animal’s body, it can help release pain and discomfort caused by these conditions.

Additionally, animal healing can work with ancestral pet energy, which can help to reduce the impact of these genetic conditions on our animal family members. Through these healing sessions, our animal companions can find relief from the discomfort caused by inherited conditions and improve their quality of life.

3. Minor Illness Or Small Accidents In Pets

Our furry friends are known for their playful and adventurous nature, which can sometimes lead to minor injuries or illnesses. Whether it’s a sprained leg, a scratch, or a common cold, these small health issues can still be uncomfortable for our animal family.

This is where animal healing can be incredibly beneficial. These healing sessions can help to ease the discomfort of minor injuries and illnesses, as well as promote faster healing. Energy work can also help to reduce stress and anxiety, which can often accompany minor health issues.

Additionally, animal healing can help to prevent minor issues from turning into larger ones. For example, a minor injury that is not properly treated or managed can develop into a chronic condition, causing long-term pain and discomfort for your pet. By addressing these minor issues early on through energy healing, you can help your pet recover more quickly and prevent the issue from becoming more severe.

So, whether your furry friend has pulled a muscle, scratched themselves, or caught a cold, animal healing can provide them with the support and comfort they need to bounce back and get back to their playful selves.

pet energy healing session can help

4. Pet Surgery

Post-surgery or minor veterinary procedures are situations where pet energy healing can make a significant difference in a pet’s recovery. While conventional veterinary care is necessary for a successful surgery or procedure, animal energy healing can provide additional support and promote quicker healing.

After surgery or procedure, a pet’s body may experience trauma, pain, inflammation, and stress. Energy healing can help to balance the pet’s energy flow and promote relaxation, which can aid in easing these symptoms. By enveloping the pet in positive and loving energy, the healing session can create a calming and supportive environment that helps the pet to feel safe and comfortable during the recovery process.

Moreover, energy healing can work at a subtle level to help the body’s natural healing processes and accelerate the healing process. It can also help to prevent complications and reduce the risk of infection or post-operative complications. By combining traditional veterinary care with animal healing, pet owners can provide their pets with the best possible care and support during their recovery.

5 Old Age in Pets

As our animal companions age, they may begin to slow down, experience joint stiffness, and develop other age-related conditions. They may also become anxious or fearful due to cognitive decline or changes in their environment.

Animal healing can be a powerful tool to ease the discomforts and fears associated with old age. It can help to release tension in their muscles and joints, increase mobility, and promote relaxation. Additionally, it can offer emotional support by calming anxiety, promoting a sense of peace.

By providing this loving and supportive energy, animal healing can help to improve the quality of life for our ageing animal companions and provide them with the comfort and care they deserve in their golden years.

6. Animal Trauma

Animals feel trauma just as humans do. 

Animals can also experience trauma from sources, such as abuse, neglect, or a traumatic event such as a car accident or natural disaster. They can sit with this and it may affect their development and happiness.  Animal energy healing can help to release the trauma and bring balance back to their energy system.

For example an adult dog exhibiting separation anxiety may seem like an irrational fear to us since we have never left them alone. However, this behavior could be a result of past trauma where they were separated from their pack before they were ready. This experience can lead to animal trauma, causing them to fear a recurrence of that event and the possibility of losing their current pack.

In addition, some animals may exhibit behavioral issues such as aggression, anxiety, or depression, which may be rooted in past trauma. Energy healing can help to address these issues and bring the animal back to a state of emotional and mental well-being.

It’s important to note that not all animal reactions are due to trauma. Some may simply be due to their personality or temperament. However, if it is determined that the behavior stems from animal trauma, communication and healing can be effective in addressing and resolving the issue. I offer specialized healing techniques such as inner kitten and puppy healing, as well as animal baby work for other species, to help heal past traumas. It’s important to note that healing may not happen overnight and may require multiple sessions, especially for deep-seated trauma. However, with patience and love, healing is possible, and animals can experience a renewed sense of peace and happiness.

For personality-based issues, the animal can benefit from being held in a healing or energy space where they can become comfortable and learn to trust their current pack, potentially overcoming their fear or anxiety.

Overall, animal energy healing can be a powerful tool for addressing a wide range of physical, emotional, and mental issues that our animal family members may experience throughout their lives.

 7. Pet Stress

Stress is something that affects animals just as much as humans, and it can have a significant impact on their health and wellbeing. Just like humans, stress can be a trigger for many potential diseases, and it can also lead to physical and emotional problems. Our animal companions perceive stress in their own unique way, and it can become stored up in their bodies.

Fortunately, animal healing can do wonders in releasing this stress from their bodies. A short pet Reiki session can be enough to ease this burden off of them. It can help to restore balance and harmony to their bodies, promoting relaxation and reducing stress levels. By keeping our animal companions stimulated but comfortable, we can help to ensure that they are as happy and healthy as possible.

8. Animal Emotional Healing

Healing is holistic and includes mind, body and spirit. This applies to animals too.

Animals, like humans, experience a range of emotions, including grief, sadness, frustration, helplessness, depression, and aggression.

When an animal experiences emotional upheaval due to changes in their environment or the loss of a companion, it can be difficult for them to find a sense of peace and emotional balance.

Animal Emotional Healing can help comfort them during these challenging times. By providing a safe and supportive environment, animals can release their emotions and find a deeper sense of peace and balance. Whether they have lost a pack member, or human companion, or are adjusting to a new environment, animal emotional healing can help them to overcome their emotional challenges and lead a happier, more fulfilling life.

9. Behavioural Healing In Pets

Animals can display various behavioral issues, such as jumping over fences, being aggressive towards other dogs, fighting over food, or causing chaos in the household. These behaviors can be a way of communicating that something is bothering them.

Animal behavior healing can help address the root cause of these behaviors and support them in finding balance and harmony. Healing can help animals feel understood and heard, which can alleviate their emotional distress and reduce the likelihood of further behavioral issues.

Animal communication can also be useful in identifying the underlying issues behind these behaviors. By understanding what the animal is trying to communicate, it can be easier to provide the appropriate healing and support.

10. Changes In Your Pets’ Life

Animals can often be unsettled by changes in their environment or routine. They can sense that something significant is happening, but they may not fully understand what it is or how it will impact them. This can result in stress and anxiety, which may manifest in various ways, such as resistance to travel, fear of new places or people, or anxiety during vet visits.

In situations where animals are experiencing stress due to changes, energy healing can be a powerful tool to help them cope. It can help to ease their fears and anxieties while restoring a sense of balance and calm.  For example,  Reiki can be used to promote relaxation and reduce stress levels, while crystal healing can help to balance and harmonize their energy fields. By supporting our animal companions through times of change with energy healing, we can help them to adapt more easily and maintain their overall well-being.

11. Animal Space Clearing

As humans, we become unsettled from stress at work, an argument with a partner and unsettled kids. So do our animals but in a more profound way.

Animals are highly sensitive to energy, and any negative or chaotic energy in their environment can have a significant impact on their well-being. Even small changes in their surroundings, such as a new smellor a move infurtinrues, can affect their mood and behavior in a deeper way that it would us. This is why animal space clearing is so important to keep their energy space clean.

Just like humans, animals need a safe and harmonious environment to thrive. A space clearing session can help to remove any negative or stagnant energy from their home, promoting a peaceful and calming atmosphere. This can have a huge impact on their holistic health and wellbeing, as well as their behavior and mood.

a dog enjoying energy healing

12. Lost Pets

Energy healing can also be helpful when your pets accidentally run out the gate or wander off from a new home and get lost. Although energy healing won’t locate the animal (there are specific people for this), as an energy healer, I can help calm the animal, who may be very stressed out, and assure them that they are being looked for.

By aligning the energy of the circumstances, things can start flowing and opening up to lead to their homecoming. A calm, cool head, and balanced emotions can even help the animal find their way back. Energy healing can help both the lost pet and the worried owner, providing comfort and reassurance during a difficult time.

13. General Pet Healing 

You know how most people love massages. That feeling of deep letting go, releasing tension from the body and just finding peace.  Most people would do this every day.

This is how energy healing is for animals. It provides a deep sense of relaxation, a space of unconditional love and peace where they feel supported on an energetic and soul level. It can help animals find balance and harmony in their physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects, leading to improved holistic health.

14. Helping Your Pets Over The Rainbow Bridge

Lastly, animals can use healing to help them pass over the rainbow bridge.

Animal healing can be a great source of comfort and support for both the animal and their human companions during end-of-life transition. It can help the animal release any physical or emotional pain they may be experiencing, and allow them to peacefully transition to their next journey. 

Death is often very difficult for animals mostly because they don’t want to leave their animal companions behind in pain. 

They often recognise when it is their time to go as a natural process, but leaving everyone behind is difficult.

Animal healing can help them find closure and hold them in a space of love, peace and comfort as they pass on their next journey.

Animal healing can also help the human companion process their grief and find peace knowing that their beloved animal companion is no longer suffering. It’s important to remember(as difficult as it is) that death is a natural part of life, and providing a compassionate and loving space for our animal companions during this time is a gift we can give them.

In conclusion,

In conclusion, recognizing the 14 situations to book an animal healing session is a powerful tool for supporting the health and wellbeing of our beloved animal companions. Whether it’s physical, emotional, or spiritual healing, energy healing can provide a deep sense of relaxation, peace, and comfort for our furry friends. It can help them navigate life’s challenges and transitions, from managing stress to coping with loss. As animal guardians, we have a responsibility to care for our animal companions in every way possible, and animal healing is just one of the many ways we can do that. Let’s honor and cherish the bond we share with our animal companions by providing them with the best possible care and support. For 

Do you resonate with any of these situations and feel your animal companion could benefit from an energy healing session?

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