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Megan Bailey
Megan Bailey

Medical Intuitive

Hi. I’m Megan, a Medical Intuitive and Energetic Practioner living in Johannesburg, South Africa.

For more than 15 years, I have been called to help others heal.

With a background rooted in psychology, zoology, naturopathy, reiki, pranic healing, theta healing, and veganism, I have always been deeply committed to holding space for clients and guiding them to explore and release energy blocks that prevent them from reaching their highest potential.

I began working at a wellness center for health and weight loss and in private practice supporting people with drug and alcohol addiction. While this clinical practice allowed me to reach people in need, over time I sensed there was more I could offer. That I had other gifts to share. And through deep reflection and intuitive guidance, I channeled a healing system like no other.

This revolutionary, non-invasive energy healing system taps into your body’s innate ability to identify the root cause of imbalance and provide natural and earth-aligned healing. I reconnect you to your soul and the ultimate source of love, tranquil\lity, and wisdom within.

I am honored to be a part of your transformational journey to consciously create a life of soul alignment and fulfilment.