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Animal Healing

About Animal Healing

A Lady connecting to her dog and offer healing
A Lady connecting to her dog and offer healing

Animal Healing

Do you want to know how you can nurture your pet’s wellbeing, facilitate their soul growth and enhance your soul connection to them through animal healing?

Animals, just like humans, experience life and its changes, but from a different perspective: They love deeply, live fully and see their world through different senses: senses far more in tune, intuitive and soul-aligned.

As they go through their day, they absorb different energies that may not be aligned with their wellbeing, as well as share their loved ones’ burdens (willingly and lovingly).

This can lead to energetic imbalances that throw them out of alignment which can lead to disease, emotional or behavioral imbalances or general unease.

Distant energy healing can help. It is a powerful, natural and deeply effective way of helping them find their balance, inner peace and health. As well as deepen your soul connection to your animal companion.

Healing can help with:


Power Earth tools for our animal healing

Animal People Healing

Animal People healing provides powerful, natural and noninvasive healing drawing on ancient tools and wisdom. 

These sessions are channeled through pure intuition, guided by spirit and so they are uniquely tailored and to what your animal person is needing at the present moment to support their soul growth and holistic health.

These sessions provide incredible and often immediate transformation so your pets can move forward in ease, peace, health, balance and comfort.

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Animal Reiki

Animals are very sensitive beings; very in tune with the energy and lifestyle around them which, when negative,  can easily pull into discomfort and unalignment. 

Animal Reiki is the perfect way to solve this: by helping your animal companion find their balance and center through reiki and crystal chakra balancing.

These sessions help your animal find a deep sense of balance, harmony and relaxation.

These sessions provide incredible and often immediate transformation so your pets can move forward in ease, peace, health, balance and comfort.

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Soul Connection Healing

These sessions will take you on a journey to explore how our pets are our teachers, healers and companions and how we can best support their soul journey and deepen our connection.

These sessions will provide you with support, healing and comfort so you can navigate this deeply loving, spiritual and transformative bond on a deeper level by exploring soul contacts and soul lessons.

These sessions can focus on three parts:

  1. As animals are our healers, they reflect to us lessons we need to heal. When we heal ourselves, we heal them.
  2. Find support so you can navigate your animal’s journey through health, external changes, their internal process or supporting their next soul journey. 
  3. Find a deeper understanding by exploring your soul connection through intuitive energy coaching.

What You Have To Say:

“The healing was incredible. I was sitting with my dog as Megan was sending healing and I could see her become more calm and relaxed. There was such a shift in her. The feedback received was so applicable too. Thanks so much from me and my furbaby.”


Are you ready to connect deeper with your animals while providing them healing that they adore?

Book a FREE discovery call to discuss different services and customize your soul connection program. 

Looking forward to meeting your animal family!!!

How Animal Healing Works:

Sessions will take place distantly and online.

The initial discussion will be over Telegram or Zoom.

The healing will be sent distantly, where I will connect with your animal companion and send the energy.

All sessions will start with an intake discussion about your animal person, your concerns and goals for the session. 

We will then move into healing with energetic and spiritual transformation tools. This will take place distantly.

 It is recommended that your animal person is allowed to rest during this time. Allow them the freedom to choose to sleep or play. Not any walks, focused training or feeding time.  

Once healing is done, we will get back on a call and consolidate the session.

How Does  Soul Connection Healing Work?

These sessions will start with an intake discussion about you, your animal person and your relationship. We will discuss briefly the concerns and connection. 

We will then move onto a treatment plan.

This may be healing for your animal person or healing for you as explained above.

Or it will be an online discussion.

It can be coaching where we can discuss what is going on in your animal person's life and how we can best support you.

Or it can be spiritual work, meditation and card readings to connect deeper and explore the soul lessons.


Energy transcends space so by connecting with your animal persons' energy, I can send healing just as effectively to your animal companions as if in person.

Animals process the session in many different ways.

Most animals become very relaxed and doze off. Others may carry on as usual.

You will notice that they become a lot calmer and more peaceful after these types of sessions.

Other times, things are being released and this can lead to a healing crisis. This is a good sign but may not always feel good.

This may be seen as a physical release, runny nose or eyes, joint stiffness or diarrhea. It can also be strong emotions. 

This will pass.

However, if you feel these symptoms are very intense, please speak to a vet as well as message me to discuss and if needed to book another session. 

Animals experience sessions in different ways. 

Overall, they love, and I mean LOVE, energy work. It is natural for them and they embrace it fully.

They often come visit me after sessions for some more.

The total session will be between 35-45 minutes.

The discussion will be around 10 -15 minutes

Healing Sessions will be around 30 minutes.

Animals are very open and in tune with energy and healing. 

Often they don't need as intensive sessions as humans do to find balance and alignment.

For this reason, I keep the healing sessions shorter.

I also follow up with them during the next week and give them a mini session.

There is no recommended amount. 

Animal People love healing so they would have it as often as they can. (Just like most humans would with massages). However, one session is extremely beneficial and sometimes enough for them.

If you want to purchase a package, for a healthy animal, one session once a month is good. If there are underlying conditions, weekly sessions with the aim to reduce the number of sessions long term. 

For the soul connection healing, as often as discussed in the tailor-made plan. This is dependant on how much support is needed.

Both single and package sessions are extremely effective but it is about how deep you want to go.

A single session is similar to going to a doctor for a knee ache and getting effective treatment. 

However, if you get the package; you can go deep and explore why the knee ache is there and how it impacts the rest of the body. It can go really deep and start unpacking things, maybe uncover other imbalances.

The packages will also give you support along the journey, where you can contact me and we can monitor changes.