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Animals Talk to us
Animal Communication

Is Your Animal Companion Telling You Something?

As animal lovers, there is no greater joy or fulfillment than connecting with your animal friend.

But from time to time, you may notice that your pet exhibits strange behavior.

As your closest companion, you know that there’s something that they want to tell you.

But you cannot seem to comprehend what the constant barking, occasional aggression, hiding even though they are in a loving home, their excitement of being reunited after a 5 minute shopping separation or their constant need to play means.

There may be many reasons they are reaching out.

They may be:

  • feeling stressed (or feeling their owner’s stress)
  • recovering from illness or surgery 
  • adjusting to their old age
  • coping with inner kitty, inner puppy or childhood trauma
  • dealing with environmental changes (such as a new home)
  • reliving their connection with a past life, possibly with their guardian.

Establishing a connection with your animal companion through animal communication will help you understand more about who they are, and how their lives are intertwined with yours.

Let us work together to help both of you find healing and strengthen the pet-human bond

When can a distant animal healing session help?

Our animals are precious and empathic beings who are very sensitive to the world around them. 

Whether it be their lifestyle, their guardians’ wellbeing, household vibes, experiences, universal consciousness…animals feel and absorb all of this deeply.

When this is loving and positive energy, our animals thrive.

When this is low vibrational, heavy energy or is not in alignment with our animal companions highest good, this can lead to energy imbalances which can cause physical disease, emotional unsettledness, behavioral acting out or just overall holistic unwellness.

This can be present or triggered from past trauma.

The good news is that distant animal energy healing can help your animal companion to find balance and energy alignment again. 

You can help them find healing. 

Distant Energy healing can remove those blocks in their energy flow, and we can help animals move from:

  • stress to calmness
  • energy blocks to flow
  • disease to health and comfort
  • trauma to healing
  • body discomfort to freedom
  • chaotic relationship to a healthy and understanding relationship
Animal Healing can help with:
Illness, Healing and Comfort
Old Age Acceptance
Surgery Recovery
Behavioural Healing
Align Return Home
Emotional Healing
Animal Trauma: Inner Puppy/Kitty Healing
Support through passing on
Home Clearing
Past Lives Healing
Animal Reiki

Your Bond with Them Is Deeper than You Think

Often enough, our animals choose us as much as we choose them. Once this choice is made, you create a sacred soul bond with them.  

This bond allows your pet to bring you precious gifts every day: acceptance, peace, and unconditional love.

In some cases, not all, this bond goes deeper: there is a reconnecting with your precious soul tribe. 

And with this, they bring soul lessons and personal growth. They do this by becoming our reflection.

They may mirror when we are fearful by showing fear within themselves. They may tell us to focus on our health issue by taking on the same health issue themselves. They may teach us about healing through encouraging us to find healing for them.

This is done from a place of love and compassion, to assist their human guardians who they love unconditionally.

When you open up to their inner world and this wisdom, you and your animal companion can move towards healing, love and personal growth.

They heal us. They encourage us to be who we truly are. They bring out the best in us.

By sharing this bond we can understand them more deeply, we can meet their biggest design: we allow them to be heard.

We can use energy healing and their mirrors to heal us.

We can understand their wisdom.

We can heal and become the best version of ourselves through their unconditional love, guidance and wisdom.

Let them heal us = let us heal them. I can help you get there.

Animal Healing
Strengthen The Bond
Heal Our Pets
Understand Them
Allow Them to Be Heard

Heal Them=Heal Us

Let us support this sacred soul bond.

How It Works

Energy healing with Paws and Reflect may include three parts. These parts are flexible depending on the animal companions’ needs. Their wisdom guides the sessions.

Heal Our Pets

The first is the most important: we address your pet’s holistic health including emotional, behavioral, physical or energetic health.

Animals may get ill from a combination of things: their journey, lifestyle, karma, past lives or more. Yet, they are so in tune with energy that this can shift quite easily. Through an energetic assessment and balancing, you”ll be able to allow your pet to find deep comfort, holistic healing and peace.

Intuitive Animal Energy Healing

Let Them Heal You

In some cases, if the animal has a reflection message, we will explore this. Your animal may express their concern and care for your life and experiences. 

The guardian can then receive an energy healing session focused on healing this mirror which allows the guardian move into a space of love and the best version of themselves. These healings are also there to strengthening and open the bond.

Build a Pet-Human Bond

Through animal-aligned online coaching discussion, we will bring this all together.

We will explore how to support your animal’s healing, how to support your healing journey, how to support you in supporting your animals life journey and how to strengthen your connection. 


You are each other's best companion.

Get started with your journey towards healing together.  

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Who is paws and reflect?

Hi, I’m Megan and I am an intuitive animal energy healer, pet soul communicator and an animal empath.

Connecting with animals and healing them is a gift that came naturally to me.

Through 10 years of studying and working with energy, I was able to nurture these gifts and heal my own pets. This journey has now evolved to working in private practice with other pets. It is my passion and honour to serve our animals and nurture our relationship with them.

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