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Animal Medical Intuitive

Medical Intuitive Healing for your pet

About Animal Medical Intuitive Healing

In these transformative medical intuitive healing sessions, we will go deep to discover the root energy that is causing disease in the body and distress in life through body consciousness energetics healing modality.

We will then map out a personalized energy healing journey, allowing body consciousness to guide your pet into their unique health potential.

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Animal Medical Intuitive

animal energy healing

Medical Intuitive for Pets is a comprehensive assessment that works with the body conscious energetics modality combined with my expertise as a medical intuitive and energetic healing.

During these sessions, we get the core of physiological energetic imbalances that are occurring in your pet’s body.

We will also go deeper into Mind-Spirit Energetics,  exploring the mind-body link and any energetic trauma that may be trapped in your animals’ body preventing the healthy life force from flowing and therefore leading to disease whether it be physical, emotional or spiritual.

We will go deep into drawing on energetics, opening up these layers to allow health, comfort, peace and rejuvination.

Animal Energy Healing sessions may include:

How Animal Medical Intuitive Healing Works

Pet Medical Intuitive Healing with Paws and Reflect may include three parts. These parts are flexible depending on the animal companions’ needs. Their wisdom guides the sessions.

Animal Healing Session Assessment

These sessions begin with an initial animal healing session intake. This is an online 15 minute discussion where we will discuss your pets’ history, health, concerns, lifestyle, goals and your relationship.

Intuitive Animal Energy Healing

Energy Healing for Pets

Then I will work distantly with your beloved animal person.

Through the body conscious energetics modality, we will assess the energy, where blocks may be coming from and what your pet would like to get from the session.

I will then put together a customized energetic healing plan, using animal reiki, animal crystal healing, trauma release and other powerful healing modalities.

I will then ask if there are any soul lessons or reflections for the guardian. 

Pet-Human Bond

We will then conclude with a short animal coaching discussion, where we can discuss feedback, animal wisdom and experiences from the session.

We will explore how to support your animal’s healing.


Paws and Reflect Medical Intuitive

$222 / 1 Assessment
  • 1 X 15 minute online intake
  • 1 X body conscious healing assessment and healing plan
  • 1 X healing session
  • 1x 15 minute animal coaching

What to know about animal medical intuitive

Sessions will start with the body conscious energetics assessment.

It will then alternate with an initial online discussion, a distant energy healing and an online discussion.

Sessions will take place distantly and through an online discussion.

Sessions will take around 90 minutes, although you do not have to be present for the full time.

The healing sessions will be based on body conscious energetics modality where I connect with your animal companions energy distantly. I will assess what is going on with energetically within the body, where they may be blocks and then do energy healing to help them find balance. 

These sessions will be fully guided by their guides as well as their preferences.

Most of my work is with cats and dogs. However, I can work with geckos, reptiles, fish, birds, horses and wildlife.


Energy transcends space so by connecting with your animal persons' energy, I can send healing just as effectively to your animal companions as if in person.

Animals process the session in many different ways.

Most animals become very relaxed and doze off. Others may carry on as usual.

You will notice that they become a lot calmer and more peaceful after these types of sessions.

Other times, things are being released and this can lead to a healing crisis. This is a good sign but may not always feel good.

This may be seen as a physical release, runny nose or eyes, joint stiffness or diarrhea. It can also be strong emotions. 

This will pass.

However, if you feel these symptoms are very intense, please speak to a vet as well as message me to discuss and if needed to book another session. 

Animals experience sessions in different ways. 

Overall, they love, and I mean LOVE, energy work. It is natural for them and they embrace it fully.

They often come visit me after sessions for some more.

The total healing session will be between 20-30 minutes.

Animals are very open and in tune with energy and healing. 

Often they don't need as intensive sessions as humans do to find balance and alignment.

For this reason, I keep the healing sessions shorter. 

One session is beneficial and in some cases is enough.

In other cases, sessions can be accumulative. As I work, I sense more energetic work may need to be done at a later stage.

I also may sense some reflections in the guardian that can use some work.

It could take 2-4 sessions to address the initial concern if it is of a more chronic nature.

One session is extremely beneficial.

However, if an animal person is sick with a chronic disease or has a lot of changes going on, weekly then bi-weekly sessions could be good to settle them. The aim is to reduce the number of sessions needed.

If an animal is well, a session every 3 months is sufficient.

I am a medical intuitive and healer. I work on an energetic level. 

I am not a vet.

Everything that comes up is not scientific analysis and is not in exchange for medical advice.  It is not a definite scientific analysis. It is energetic and treatment is through energy.

Sometimes things appear in the energy before they manifest in the body. Sometimes a more direct and physical approach is needed. 

Ideally, this would be most beneficial as a tune-up for you animal or in conjunction with a veterinary or animal practitioner for more serious cases.

Single Sessions

1 assessment is $222


If you would like to book a few sessions, I offer a discounted rate. Welcome to discuss.


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Animal Intuitive Energy or Reiki Healing 

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Once it has been filled in, I will send through payment details. Only when it has been paid will the appointment be approved.

If you have questions with regards to services, please send an email, before sending through payments here, as payments are rarely refunded with a fee.

Let The Journey To Share Healing, Love and Total Peace With Our Animal Companions Begin