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Am I meant to be a healer?

Are you meant to be a healer?​

Are you meant to be a healer? And a conscious earth shifter?

What is a healer?

The essence of healing is to find wholeness or integration.  It is to bring the missing pieces back, that may have been lost or disowned through surviving.

It is to take those pieces, clear them of negative energy, raise them to a higher vibration and bring them back into yourself.

This is a simpler process than it may sound.Meant to be a healer

Healers, often work on a holistic level: focusing on mind, body and spirit. A large focus of this healing is on energy work.

Since energy is the foundation of life, of everything that exists; it is natural and easier for us to shift it than it would be on a physical level.

Signs that you are meant to be a healer.

Here are signs that you are meant to be a healer. That being a healer comes naturally from within as an innate gift.

1)Inner Knowing

Being a healer is a sacred role, a soul contract. It is a deep purpose that has been decided before birth. 

Because this soul contract runs on such a profound level, it becomes something that you yearn for in order to feel complete.

2. Seeker

There is something within you that KNOWS but you cannot define it in words.

This leads to being a seeker and exploring what that is exactly. It is searching for that missing piece: that mission of your soul.

3. Energy As Home

Because the soul is destined to be within the energy fields, in what we perceive as the intangible, the energy may feel like home and belonging.

A healer is constantly looking to be within this space, as it feels like a safe and loving home for them.

They will continually be drawn and align with high vibrational energy whether it be healing tools, ley lines or spiritual people.

4. Earth as foreign

Because of this, the physical earth may not feel completely natural. It is like visiting a foreign country with strange customs. Nothing makes much sense.

There could lead to feeling unsettled, of not belonging.

5. Socially Awkward

These people may feel like misfits, not knowing what to do or say with people.

Conversations about trivial things such as sport, politics, fashion… these have no “place” in an energetic setting.

It may be boring, awkward and a feeling of not knowing what to add to the conversation.

6. Like-minded people

Because of not fitting it, and also because of searching for energetic alignment, soul family becomes important. These people love to be around like-minded people.

what is a healer

When they find their soul family, they shift: in a huge way.

They feel more at home, are able to hold long conversations about deep things, feel more socially comfortable and thrive.

7. Empaths

These people are highly sensitive and empathic.

They are strong people but also very in tune with the energy around them.

Because of their empathic nature, they become like sponges, absorbing the emotions or physical conditions around them, taking it on as their own, often unconsciously.

8. Initiation

Healers are born out of overcoming their own pain.

They often go through painful initiations, whether it be overcoming a life-threatening disease or having a challenging life, these experiences bring lessons to the healer.

It helps the healer heal themselves and so be able to pass this onto others and assist them.

9. Love

As healers are sensitive, they prefer to be around love and a peaceful environment. This is what makes them thrive and allows them to heal those around them.

10. Sensitive to violence

For this reason, they find it difficult to be around violence.

They struggle with aggressive conflict, sometimes regular conflict too, and try to avoid it as much as possible.

Ironically, they may find themselves in this energy to raise the frequency.

More than being a healer…

It is more than a being healer…a healer is not only a career. Or a way of helping people during healing sessions. It is not something to do or become. It is something to be.

By navigating life from this space of being a healer, you develop energy mastery. Through this, an innate gift flourishes.

You naturally shift the energy around you in a way that raises consciousness.

So why not take it a step future.

To conscious beings that desperately are needing healing but who cannot book sessions. At least not physically, although they can energetically.

Healing for our earth and our animals.

The earth and animals are often overlooked in a healer’s journey. They need some love too. Help to raise consciousness for them. To make the world a more loving, compassionate and kinder space for them to be in.

Through simple lifestyle choices:  through the food we eat, the products we use,  a conscious connection to nature, a deeper relationship with our pets…the list goes on.

If you do this?

You will be developing the most loving, powerful and incredible relationship.

You will start consciously becoming aware of how much you are receiving. It does not come close to what we give.

The love we review from our earth and our pets is unbelievable.

So are you ready to take your healing journey a bit deeper?

Signs that you are meant to be a conscious earth shifter: 

An eco-warrior and animal carer.

1. Upset With Dysfunctional Structures

They feel society, structure and the way the world is running is not right, especially the way society negatively impacts the animals and earth around us. This bothers them even from a young age.

For this reason, they question and research.

12. Nature

There is a strong affinity for being in nature. Nature revives them and makes them feel whole

13. Animals

Animals are drawn to them. They may walk into a space and animals naturally navigate to them or relax. They experience a deep relationship with their animal friends.

14. Oneness

A deep awareness of oneness. Whether it be an animal, a rock or a human; we are all connected.

When we are healing within; we heal the world without.

When we are healing the world without; we heal within.

Beyond being a healer

Are you meant to be a healer?

If you are reading this blog and relate to the signs, there is a strong chance that you are have healing potential and are able to move into energy mastery.

Whether you are seeking something, have started learning or are consciously aware, it doesn’t matter. You are on this path.

And realize, a healer does not have to be a traditional career of doing reiki sessions.

Healing can be implemented in many different professions.

It can be volunteering.

It can just be living our lives and sharing our high vibes.

It can be just sharing the love: caring for our families, our community, planet and animals.

And remember: being a healer begins with you healing yourself. It starts with shedding then shifting then moving into energy mastery.  It is about the small choices we make every day.

It is a journey.

One I am honoured to be a part of.

Let me guide you on your path to being a healer

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