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Your body has the unique map to achieve profound holistic wholeness at the source. Let us decipher yours.

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Your body has the unique map to achieve profound holistic wholeness at the source.

Let us decipher your map so you can rise up in your empowerment and meet your health potential.

All your need to do is LISTEN.

Have you ever wanted to feel freedom in body, a deep sense of ease flow and comfort?

Would you like peace of mind, a calmness and a centredness with which to navigate your daily life?

Would you like to align with your soul, allowing your intuitive wisdom to guide your life, feel fulfilment and connection within you?

Would you like a deeper relationship with mother earth, our sustainer and to connect with her wisdom, rhythms and beautiful flows.

Body consciousness can help you get there

For Healing that is:

Soul Aligned
Earth Aligned

Body consciousness and Its Story

Body consciousness is about connecting with deep intelligence. 

See, our bodies contain a story: a story of survival, pleasure, of living, of events, of history.

These stories are stored within our body, our genes, and passed down through the generations. 

These stories are good: they have helped us survive and helped us experience goodness. So our bodies stories this information, as the conscious being it is: getting stronger, fitter and surviving.

But we evolve. Our lives have gotten easier in some ways: we are not sleeping outside and being vigilant of any predators. 

We have mastered that and want to live, embrace and create. We want to change our stories.

How do we do this?

Through recognizing the body for what it is: a storehouse of invaluable wisdom, of healing and love.

When we can tune in…then wow!!!.. the information that is there… the key to transforming health.

Mind, Body And Soul

It is not only physical body information that is stored. It is also important information that is holistic.

A healthy mind means good health.

Balanced emotions lead to optimum health.

Our energy or soul expression brings lightness and ease. 

And, the alignment between mind, emotions, energy and body, is the key to good health.

This information can all be found in body consciousness

And thus... Body Conscious Healing System

Body Consciousness Healing is a revolutionary, non-invasive energy healing system that taps into the body’s innate wisdom, identifies root causes for imbalance on a holistic level and gives the body what it needs energetically to heal naturally.

It is a revolutionary approach to health, healing and wellness.

"Healing is a journey- not a physical one but an energy one, passing through the layers, the body, the mind, the emotions, until you get to the root: the energy level. Once there: Release, heal and embrace health."

Body Conscious Healing

Let us try it now...

Root Cause



What healing does body consciousness recommend?

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Let us See...

Does body consciousness want healing on a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level?


What treatment does body consciousness recommend?

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Let us See...

Here are some options...


plant-based eating

Lifestyle Alignment

Mind Body Link

Intuitive Eating


Shadow Work

Energy Healing

Release Energetic Blocks

Trauma Release

Plant Energetics

How I can help you:

Holistically Detox Program

Your Detox Program meets you in an accepting, gentle and loving space where we will explore your current health, what you would like to release and how we can help you to get to.

We will begin a gentle and holistic detox guided by body conscious healing.

benefits of self-care

Health Enhancer Program

Your Health Program goes deeper into the healing process through nourishing the body, mind and energy through building healthy lifestyle habits for the long-term.

Through body conscious healing we will explore lifestyle and healthy plant-based eating tips.

Health Rediscovered

Health Redefined

Health Rediscovered focuses on the metaphysical and holistic root cause of illness: physical, mental, emotional and energetic. It focuses on finding the right healing program to find acceptance and health.

reclaim your body

Reclaim Your Health

Reclaim your health is the prerequisite to any weight loss program. This program focuses on emotional, mental and energetic aspects so you can reclaim your loving and acceptance relationship with your body.

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