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Megan Bailey
Megan Bailey

The Story about Who is behind Balanced Health Consciousness?

My name is Megan. This is my story.

I started my journey with a strong desire to change people’s lives. I wanted to be of service. I was drawn to the beauty and magic of healing plants and the role they play in our health.

I studied…

a B.Sc and gained a good understanding of the science. I also studied through healing hands international courses in nutrition, naturopathy, herbalism, iridology, flower bach remedies, colour therapy and acupressure. I did courses through shaw academy. And I am constantly reading and researching.

Yes, I do love studying.

I worked…

at a health and wellness detox centred where I guided clients on their journey to lose weight, gain energy and find optimum health. I worked at a rehabilitation centre assisting people healing from substance abuse. I work in private practice.

I gain wisdom…

Through my own inner healing journey. I sought optimum health for myself on all levels. I began yoga, meditation and, of course, clean healthy eating

What is Body Conscious Diagnostic

The Spark Of Body Conscious Diagnostic

As I was healing clients, as well as myself, I was constantly refining and shifting the methods I used to bring about maximum results. 

One evening, it all came together. I transitioned into a vegan medical intuitive and an intuitive health coach.

I was meditating and this beautiful wisdom came through in a system called body conscious diagnostic.

Body Conscious Diagnostic is an accumulation of my knowledge, experience and wisdom.

The Formation of Body Conscious Diagnostic

Body Conscious Diagnostic is a comprehensive health program designed to energetically connect with the body as a holistic health program and pinpoint areas that can use healing through this energetic understanding.

Body Conscious Diagnostic formulates a deeply powerful healing program for you in your uniqueness, that is designed to help you step into your health potential on a mind, body and soul level.

As a vegan medical intuitive and intuitive coaching, I guide you through this healing system to connect deeper with your innate wisdom, this is not always intellectual, but it’s an intuitive knowing and instinctive understanding. This connection can bring a soul’s healing program through.

This healing program is a gentle embrace:  loving energy where you can meet mother nature in her most natural form. Through the inclusion of plant-based food, an earth aligned lifestyle, herbal energetics and flower back remedies energetics, this program will guide you to healing balance.

The Formation of Holistic Conscious Diagnostic

This program goes even deeper: health is a mind, body and soul balancing program. 

Holistic Conscious Diagnostic focuses on the mind, body and soul links: accessing energetic trauma that may be stored in the body.

It sinks down to the origin of the cause of disease on a deeper level, a level that may often be missing, in a purely body-focused treatment program.

The benefits of this system are endless:

It promotes:

  • self-connection which allows empowerment
  • self-love which promotes joy
  • self-regulation which leads allows health
  • self-shifting which then leads to healing
  • self-balance which then allows a deep sense of intuition


Holistic Conscious Diagnostic

Holistic Conscious Diagnostic focuses on healing through exploring the body, mind and soul connection.

Body Conscious Diagnostic

Body Conscious Diagnostic focuses on attaining health through a holistic and energetic approach to health.