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Build Your Vegan Plan

Build Your Vegan Plan Course

Build Your Vegan Plan is a 5-week vegan coaching program where you will gain knowledge, empowerment and support.

As a vegan coach, I will take you on a very practical journey and will guide you so you can build a vegan eating plan in a balanced and nutritious way in a step-by-step approach.

Learn how to transition to veganism, how to veganise your meals and how to attain optimum health the plant-based way.

Are you ready to experience optimum health and wellness the plant-based way

Do you want to delve deeper into an eco friendly lifestyle while experiencing optimum health?

Build Your Vegan Plan is based on my journey

Build your vegan plan has been created based on my journey. My search to find health, sustainability and a deeper purpose. 

When I found veganism, it was overwhelming.

Where do I start? What do I eat? How do I know Im getting the right nutrients? How do I transition?

Well, I have taken everything, the easy and challenging bits and put it into a vegan coaching course I wish I could have taken when I was transitioning. 

Build Your Vegan Plan

Build Your Vegan Plan

Course Length: 5 weeks

About: In this 5 week program, you will be taken on a step by step journey in building a solid, healthy and delicious vegan eating plan.

You can choose between the home study or the build your vegan coaching plan.

What you will learn:

  • Lunch, Breakfast and Dinner Lifestyle Information
  • Lunch, Breakfast and Dinner Meal Formulas
  • Motivation
  • Recipes
  • How to Be a Healthy Vegan
  • How to Veganise My Meals
  • What Balanced Plant-Based Eating is About

Program Tracks

Mix and Match Your Tracks

Home Study

Build your vegan plan will empower, educate and show you how to transition to a healthy, balanced and delicious vegan eating plan.

In this 5 week course, you will gain access to the course notes in which you will learn how to put your meal plan together. 

This program offers a generalized but comprehensive approach. ​

What this entails:

Build Your Vegan Coaching Plan

Build Your Vegan Coaching Plan is an exclusive package that will give you full access to the course as well as bonus material. It will take the course deeper and adapt it to the unique individual you are. You will have a coach who will guide you at your level, teach you how to veganise, will answer your questions, keep you motivated and guide you every step of the way. This package provides a safe, accepting space so you can transition easily to a healthy vegan lifestyle.

What this entails:


Build Your Vegan Plan is for me if:

  • I want to improve my health
  • I want to achieve optimum health.
  • I want to explore a plant-based lifestyle.
  • I want to transition to a vegan lifestyle.
  • I want a slow but steady step-by-step approach in building life-long healthy habits.
  • I want to go vegan but am not sure where to start.
  • I want to go vegan and would like support in ensuring I am getting all the right nutrients.
  • I want an individualized approach.
  • I want coaching and a supportive environment so I can achieve my goals.
  • I want to become empowered and want to learn what a healthy vegan diet should be about.
  • I want guidance from a vegan coach.
  • I want to learn how to put together a healthy plant-based meal together.
  • I want to change my life for the better.
  • I am prepared to put in the effort and time necessary to learn and actively bring this lifestyle into my life.
  • Want a life-changing process.
  • Want an accepting and non-judgmental space where I can thrive on my journey.

This program offers you a journey:

This journey is there to build solid foundations as I want YOU to become empowered. I want YOU to know what health is about.  

This program offers slow but steady transformation that takes into account health.

So by the end of this course, YOU will feel confident in being vegan in knowledge and practice and experience optimum health.

What will this program will give me?

  • Habit Building: Small habits everyday will lead to healthy life-long habits.
  • Empowerment: This course is designed to empower you through education.
  • Convenience: The whole program is done online so this can be anywhere in the world. You just need internet access.
  • At Your Own Pace: You can work this program within your own time. There will be 5 tasks a week that you can fit into your busy schedule.
  • Life-Changing Health Tools: This program will teach you life-changing health tools so you can use them in your everyday life.
  • Worksheets: You will have worksheets to fill in as you go through the program to help you keep track of your progress.
  • Support: You will have access to contact me over email or whatsapp. You can set up an online session anytime you like.
  • You are Unique: The program has been made with that in mind: it can be adapted to your unique body type and lifestyle. 
  • Coaching: You will have accountability, support and encouragement. 

Do you want to delve deeper into energy mastery, transforming you and those around you?