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Balanced Health Consciousness

Body Wisdom

Health Redefined Program

Allow yourself to take a deep journey inwards to redefine your health through body consciousness and the valuable wisdom it has to share with you.  Allow the body’s innate to guide you to healing.

This program will focus on the metaphysical reason behind one root imbalance.

Any imbalance has a message for you…. 

Your Body has a story to share...

Every imbalance has a story to tell, a lesson to teach, a reason that is it there. It also has a roadmap for healing.

Your Metaphysical Health Program

Program Length: 6 weeks

Description: In this 6-week program, we will focus on one core root imbalance that is affecting your life. We will connect, understand and heal.

About: Every imbalance within our body has a message, a reason that it has come.

There may be physical, emotional, genetic, soul or karmic reasons.

During this program, we will start exploring these metaphysical reasons causing imbalance and redefining how we see these imbalances. 

We will connect with body consciousness to access your unique healing road map for health.

This can be through healing or it can be through accepting and improving life quality.

During this program, we will work closely together, individualizing your body conscious healing plan on a soul, mental, emotional or physical level.

Health Refined Program

Health redefined program

This program will redefine health:


This program can be adapted to most disease on most levels:

This program will:

What you will get:

To Get Maximum Benefit

To get the most out of this program, a commitment will be required: a commitment to living in a new space.

This means a commitment of time. Courage to go inwards. To explore yourself. To heal and release. 

There will be a commitment of compassionate energy to yourself.

You will find support in an accepting and loving space throughout this process 

Start Your Health Journey Here:

Week 1 and 2

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Body Health Redefined

Your Health Redefined focuses on meeting your imbalance and exploring the best and most healthy lifestyle habits to support release and healing.

Week 3 and 4

Holistic Health Redefined

Holistic Health Redefined

Holistic Redefined will explore the mind-body link. 

During these sessions, we will go into shadow work and self introspection to explore the emotional and beliefs behind imbalance. 

Week 5 and 6

energetic health redefined

Energy Health Redefined

Your Energy redefined Program will explore any energy blocks that may be preventing health.

Through energy work, and plant energetics, we will shift your energy into a new vibration.

Let us make sure it is the right fit. Limited Space available so apply today


Health Redefined Prices

$1179 / Program
  • 3 X 40 Minute Online Sessions
  • 3 X 20 Minute Online Sessions
  • 3 X Conscious Diagnostic Sessions
  • Accountability and Support between sessions

This program does not guarantee miraculous curing of disease but can help find acceptance.