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reclaim your body program

Reclaim your Body Program

Reclaim your body is the must-have program to do before starting any weight loss program. It offers an essential but often missing part of weight loss: that of the mind, emotions and energy.

This program explores holistic aspects before starting any weight loss program by strengthening a loving and accepting relationship with our bodies and self.

Do you want to reclaim a nourishing relationship with your body?
Let The Journey Begin

Your Holistic Weight Loss Program

Program Length: 8 weeks

Description: In this program, we will reclaim a loving and nurturing relationship with our body through a transformative online healing process.

About: Reclaiming your body program is not about food, eating right and following the correct lifestyle.

It is not about anything you would expect in a weight loss program.


Weight loss is holistic and has many complex layers, often  not addressed in weight loss programs. These aspects are essential to work through before starting an actual eating plan as they are often the root cause.

Moreover, our relationship with food can be one of the most complicated relationships out there. These subconscious and complex interactions affect and sabotage our weight loss efforts.

During this holistic weight loss program, we will go deep into these layers, into the interplay of thoughts, emotions, energetic traumas and energy around weight, body and food.

Reclaim Your Relationship With You Body

Reclaim Your Body is just that: a way to find empowerment and love in your relationship with your body.

Reclaim Your Body

Love your body

This is the must-do program before embarking on any weight loss plan: learning to heal our relationship with our body.


Although this is primarily a weight loss program, it can also be adapted to:

About This program:

What you will get:

To Get Maximum Benefit

To get the most out of this program, a commitment will be required: a commitment to living in a new space.

This means a commitment of time. 

A commitment of courage as this program goes deep into meeting  the authentic soul self hiding in the shadows and bringing her back to life to reclaim her innate divinity.

There will be a commitment of compassionate energy to yourself

Start Your Body Transformation Program Here:

Month 1

conscious story telling

Conscious Body Story Telling

In the first month, we will start exploring your body story in a gentle and accepting space, drawing on archetypes, shadow work and introspection to start healing and then rewriting your new story in a creative way.

Week 5 and 6

pretty woman, makeup, mirror-635258.jpg

Relationship With Body

Relationship with body will explore your relationship with your body. It will explore ways to heal and reclaim a new and loving one through introspection, coaching and energy healing.

Week 7 and 8

relationship with food

Relationship with Food

Relationship with food will bring to light and release any behaviours and patterns around food that are not serving your highest good so you can align with the new and more aligned you. 

Let us make sure it is the right fit. Limited Space available so apply today


Reclaim Your Body Price

$1479 / Program
  • Reclaim Your Body Program
  • 8 X Creative and Intuitively Online Sessions
  • Weekly Healing Tasks
  • Worksheets
  • Support between Sessions