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Shed and Shift Blog  offers you wonderful free tools of wisdom, insight, coaching and practical advice designed to help you on your journey of self development and spiritual awakening.

This blog is designed to empower, guide you to self-love and move you to total peace through raising your energy.

Let us begin the journey to energy mastery.

Let us Begin

Find your Soul Alignment

finding your soul alignment

Find purpose in life and living the best version of you begins with soul alignment. Let us explore how. 

What to expect in a session

what to expect from a shadow alchemy session

Let us explore shadow alchemy. What is it , how has it come about and what can you expect in a session?

Shadow work vs light work

shadow work vs light work

Shadow vs Light work: let’s explore how they play their part un our lives through this creative storytelling. 

Shed and Shift Services

Spiritual Mentoring Online

Who is Shed and Shift? How can we help you? What is the shed and shift journey? Why our work is so powerful in transforming lives.


Healing Rune Magic

Runes are powerful transformational tools offering much wisdom and healing designed to enrich and shift our lives.

Energy Healing Session

energy healing session

What is an energy healing session? Learn what to expect, what happens and what it is all about when you book an energy healing session.  

Healing Power Of Colour Therapy

color therapy

Learn more about the power of colour healing, the benefits of colour therapy, how it works and the meanings of different colours.

What is Energy Healing?

Energy Healer

Have you ever wondered what energy healing is? I bring this back to science; exploring what energy healing entails and who benefits


A beginner’s guide to meditation: what is it, benefits of meditation, tips to get you started and types of meditations you can choose from.

Benefits Of Grounding

Spiritual Mentoring Online

What does grounding feel like? Explore the benefits of grounding and how to ground.

Symptoms of Being Ungrounded

symptoms of being ungrounded

Explore how being ungrounded comes about and symptoms that show you are not grounded.

Am I an empath?

am i an empath

Explore these 9 signs that show you are an empath as well as how you became to be an empath. 

Are your meant to be a healer?

Reiki Healing

Here are some signs that you are meant to be a healer. As well as a tip to take your healing journey further. 

Finding Purpose For Empaths: Finding Your Path

Empathetic Women Laughing, Happy and Full Of Purpose

How do I find meaning and fulfillment in life: This article will go deep into how empaths can connect with a deeper purpose.

What everyone needs to know about energy healing.

What you need to know about energy healing, how it can benefit you and why you should incorporate it in your everyday life.

Sacred Morning Ritual​

Sacred Morning Ritual

Learn more about the importance of a morning ritual and how to put it into a day so you can find productivity, centeredness and flow.

Raise Your Frequency

Raise your frequency: What does it mean, how can it be done and why would we want to raise our frequency. Learn how in this article.

Magic Spaces

Shed and Shift Crystal Healing

Enhance your spiritual journey of meditation, card readings and crystal work. Go deeper into magic spaces. Let me show you how.

Steps to Manifesting

Steps to manifesting

What are some tips to manifesting, how can you consciously create your life and how do you know you are manifesting the right things.

Abundance Shifter

Abundance Shifter

Learn a powerful exercise to use in your everyday life on how to shift from a space of lack into a space of abundance.

Soul Branding

Healing Lessons of Fingerprints

The healing lessons of fingerprints: what they teach us about our soul branding, our purpose, finding fulfillment and life.

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