Shed And Shift

Become The Compassionate Master Of Your Body

Transform Your Body Holistically and Naturally .

Let us embark on a beautiful journey of body mastery.

Are you ready to join me?

Do you want to delve deeper into body mastery?

Medical Intuitive Weight Loss

This is not just a generic weight loss plan.

This is a medical intuitive whole food plan that is holistic, natural, healthy and health-promoting that is adapted to your body type.

8 Week Program

During these 8 weeks, we will go back to basics, building a balanced, holistic, whole food-based vegan plan, at a pace that is good for you. 

We will not only learn to adopt an eating plan, but we will also connect with your intuition so you can start eating more intuitively. 


This program is unique

This is a jam-packed and comprehensive 8 week program.

Medical Intuitive Assessment

You are unique so should your journey be too.

This program will begin with a medical intuitive assessment where we will map your unique health journey to body mastery.

We will get to the core of what needs to shift in order to start your journey and put together some eating guidelines and food suggestions to help you get there.

Habit Building

Once we have your unique plan, we will together slowly and steadily build it up, at a pace that is good for you.

We will empower, educate and turn this into a lifelong habit that can be followed after the program is over, ensuring long-term results.

You will relearn what a healthy eating plan should be

What will this program will give me?

  • Habit Building: Small habits everyday will lead to healthy life-long habits.
  • Empowerment: This course is designed to empower you through education.
  • Convenience: The whole program is done online so this can be anywhere in the world. You just need internet access.
  • Life-Changing Health Tools: This program will teach you life-changing health tools so you can use them in your everyday life.
  • Worksheets: You will have worksheets to fill in as you go through the program to help you keep track of your progress.
  • Support: You will have weekly sessions with access to contact me over email or WhatsApp. 
  • You are Unique: The program has been made with that in mind: it can be adapted to your unique body type and lifestyle. 
  • Coaching: You will have accountability, support and encouragement. 


Body Mastery

$1111 / Program
  • 2 x Medical Intuitive Assessment
  • Tailor Made Eating and Lifestyle Health Guidelines
  • 3 X Coaching Sessions
  • Worksheets
  • Support between Sessions