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Crystal Healing

Energy Healing Session

Are you ready to embark on the most important journey of all: the journey within through energy healing?

Energy shifting will guide you by providing a deeply transformative journey through powerful intuitively based energy shifting so you can harmonize and shift your inner world.

A distant energy healing session will help you to move forward in soul alignment:  in a space of deep inner awareness, inner peace, intuition, self-love and fully embracing your authentic self and inner potential.

These sessions will help you align with your inner magic, potential and intuition. They will help you on your journey to master your energy.

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What We Offer

Healing Sessions

Intuitive Energy Healing

These intuitively guided shifting sessions focuses on clearing your energy field and releasing energetic blocks and trauma at its energetic core so you can find wholeness through a powerful distant energy healing session that cleanses, releases and aligns your energy.

These sessions will help you move forward feeling energized and in a space of love, empowered compassion and joy.

Find tranquility and acceptance within.


Reiki Healing

Reiki provides a beautiful session designed to alleviate heavy energy for those empaths who are overwhelmed.

Reiki and crystal shifting can help bring you back into balance by aligning your chakras through a powerful but gentle distant energy healing session, allowing you to find a deeper sense of relaxation, comfort, alignment and balance.

These sessions will help you feel calm, energized and revitalized.

A Journey Experience

I am genuinely recommending anyone who wants to learn more about Healing and to Improve their Self-Awareness and become Happier, More Joyful and More Peaceful to contact Meg and work 1 to 1 as the results she is providing are amazing. I am saying this because the Impact of being part of this group and having a Close Connection with you is having a Profound, Positive Impact on my Life. Thank you Megan, I am Truly Grateful and I am looking forward to continuing to work together in the future.

How Energy Shifting Sessions Works:

Sessions will take place distantly.

The session will begin with an online discussion over zoom or Whatsapp.  Then we will move into the healing which will be done distantly, where I will connect with where you on an energy level.

Once done, we will connect over WhatsApp, telegram or email for feedback.

Each session is guided intuitively and so the structure may change.

The intuitive healing session will start with an intake discussion about you, your concerns and goals for the session.  

We will then move into healing with energetic and spiritual transformation tools. This will take place distantly.

Once healing is done, I will send feedback via email or WhatsApp.

Intuitive Healing sessions are recommended if you want some deep healing and transformation in your life. These sessions release blocks and open up to possibilities.  These sessions also include a coaching worksheet and self-love meditation to strengthen the journey.

The healing session is a time for you. It is a time to nurture the self. It would be recommended for this time to just relax.

For the intuitive healing session, there will be a coaching worksheet to fill out before and after. There is also a meditation to listen to.

As you play the meditation, you can lie down and meditate. If you find that difficult, or if you are called, you can do some creative work such as art or writing.


Energy transcends space so by connecting with your energy, I can send healing just as effectively.

Many clients can feel the healing and have incredible experiences

After the session, different things may happen.

Sometimes, you may be feeling relaxed, lighter and clearer.

Other times, things are being released and this can lead to a healing crisis. This is a good sign although it doesn't always feel good.

You may experience symptoms similar to a physical detox ( cold, sore joints) or it can be strong emotions. 

This will pass.

However, if you feel these symptoms are very intense, you are welcome to message me to discuss and if needed to book another session

Intuitive Healing Sessions will be around 45 minutes.

This would depend on the person and situation.

If you are looking for clarity of something specific, sometimes one session is enough.

If you want to go into a deeper transformative process, examining and healing many different aspects within yourself and your life, then weekly or bi-monthly sessions can be useful for a few months.

However, my goal is to empower you. So long-term goals would be to lessen sessions and book as needed. 

Single Sessions

A 45 minute intuition healing session is $120.


3x 45 minute intuitive healing sessions are $300. 

These packages are only valid 6 weeks from the first session.

For South Africans, please contact for local prices.

You can go to the following links:

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Once payments have been sent, you will receive an email with a booking time. 

If you have questions with regards to services, please send an email, before sending through payments here, as payments are rarely refunded and if so with a fee.

Let The Journey To Start The Shifting, Inner-Love and Total Peace Begin