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Finding Purpose For Empaths

Finding Purpose for Empaths

Purpose for Empaths: Finding Your Path

Lack of Purpose

Many people feel empty, depressed or dissatisfied with themselves and their lives. They may feel stuck in an endless loop of modern-day living and the hopeless rat race. They may ask: why am I here? What am I meant to be doing? There has to be more to life than this.

They are trying to find something to fill the emptiness, the void, within them.Searching for Meaning

When the truth is: there is no void. There is only disconnection. A separation from who we are and our divine gifts. A block in the channel of expressing our soul’s expression.

So turning to our daily external comforts: food, shopping or alcohol as a distraction will not help the problem by making us feel more connected. It may do the opposite and make it worse, as it deepens the sense of disconnection from self and can turn into an unhealthy obsession.

And healing, always, comes from shifting within; not from trying to control the external reality.

This healing of disconnection, so you can find fulfillment and meaning, comes from finding your purpose.

What is Purpose?

When someone mentions purpose, many think of making a huge difference.

Purpose can literally be a public figure changing the world as we know it. Mandela turned South Africa around, by releasing fear and oppression through love and peace, he was able to completely transform a country. He has inspired billions of people. This was his purpose.

But everyone’s purpose is not always on such a large and public scale to literally lead and save the world.

Purpose does not always lead to such an obvious change in the world.Story Telling as A Road to Healing

Sometimes purposes can be on a smaller scale.

A purpose can be something very personal, an internal world shift. It can be working through a karmic relationship to find a healthier dynamic. It can be going through an event in which deep self-forgiveness is needed. It can be just about experiencing living. 

Either way, whether it is external world-changing or internally world-changing; everyone’s purpose is equally needed and equally important. No one and no one’s purpose is better than the other. We are all connected and all a part of the oneness. Each purpose has an impact on the consciousness as a whole.

Finding purpose for empaths

Finding purpose for empaths goes a bit deeper than this.

Empaths feel energy deeply and so they are able to shift the energy on a profound level.

They often make huge changes in world consciousness; it may be obvious often it is on a subtle level.

We will address it shortly.

How Purpose is Created For Our The School of Life

Before we incarnate into this specific reality, into the earth school, our soul decides: what are my lessons? What is my purpose? What growth do I need to do? What karma needs to be worked through?

And so, as we enter our soul’s schooling, we create a specific curriculum, a soul’s plan, designed uniquely for our soul with a specific goal.

No one is qualified for your unique purpose only you.

Once created, we enter the physical door to the physical reality, we start grade school. We have our classes and lessons all mapped out. However, the inconvenience is that as soon as we enter the door, both circumstances and classmates distract us, from who we are and what our soul plan is meant to be. We forget consciously.

How does one reconnect to one’s purpose?

We are always on track.

I know this may be a difficult concept to grasp, but everything that we have gone through has been part of the journey pushing us towards our purpose.

The thing is, it hasn’t been conscious and therefore we are more flowing along with life instead of being in empowered compassion and co-creating it.

Once we are in a conscious space the answer to reconnecting and finding our purpose would be through alignment. It is about opening the channel between mind, emotions and body so they can connect directly to our soul’s plan.

We know we are not in alignment with our soul and what its specific mission is, then we feel empty and aimless. This connection is blocked or not acted upon.

However, when we find this alignment, we can start connecting with our intuition, our innate wisdom, joy, flow, peace and a deep sense of fulfillment.

Finding Your Purpose Is About Intuition

Finding our purpose is not always about feelings though, it’s about connecting with intuition.

In this classroom, things are never so simple as black and white. There are lots of greys. Sometimes when we feel out of alignment, we are establishing the foundations to move to the next class. The exams are often difficult and painful. So we can feel out of alignment when we are in alignment to getting to where we need to be. We are being prepared to move forward.

So it is important to allow ourselves to surrender. When we are ready to consciously shift into our souls’ purpose and alignment, teachers and resources will come up, such as you right now reading this blog. Things are shifting right now as you read these words and the energy behind them.

How does our soul talk to us?

When the time for conscious wisdom is right, we will feel a deep yearning at the core of who we are, to start seeking and changing.

Our soul also talks through intuition. This has a direct connection to our soul’s plan and this guides the way forward.

How does one do this?

It is about going through the shed and shift trinity.

First, it’s about shedding: letting go of energetic traumas.

Second, it is about shifting. This is about energy healing.

And finally is energy mastery.

When one is in energy mastery, one is in alignment with one’s soul. One is centered and surrenders to the process of life. There is a balance of flow and empowerment. This is an energetic process; it is not always a conscious process or even a knowing. It is a pure state of being.

This is where purpose comes from, especially for empaths,  and how meaning can manifest in our lives.

Types of purpose for the empath

As mentioned before, empaths connect to purpose on a different level. Different; not better or worse.

They live their lives and just by being; they are causing a great impact on the space and consciousness around them.

The purpose for the empath can fall in the following categories, which are based on my Mentor, Lionel Berman’s teachings.

1. lightkeeper

A lightkeeper’s purpose is to bring light to the darkness.

They are often brought up in difficult and tough situations, surrounded by much darkness. Not only with their family; but with the communities, they are born into. They are trained to be comfortable with this darkness.

What these lightkeepers learn is to counterbalance this darkness by bringing the light.

You can identify these people as when they walk into a room, they automatically raise the energy and vibe. People feel lighter, happier and notice a huge shift within themselves.

Or they can walk into a conflict at work, and as soon as they enter the space, the situation automatically dissipates and calm down.

Lightkeepers are courageous and strong people.


A healer’s purpose is someone who brings positive shifting and greater well-being to those around them.

This can be to people, animals or the planet.

This can manifest in many different occupations but always within the helping professions: Therapist, energy healer, doctor, vet, environmentalist, physiotherapy, animal behaviourist or others.

It can also be someone who volunteers directly for the betterment of others.


These people find purpose through working directly with the earth.

But not just any places, they work in sacred spaces where the veil to the other world is thin.

They bring their magic, their energy to these places and do conscious work.

They are naturally drawn to ley lines and high vibe places to explore and meditate.

4. Transmuters

A transmuters purpose is to shift dysfunctional family or societal dynamics.

Transmuters are sensitive souls that choose to be born into dysfunctionality.

They are there to transmute and shift the energy and heal the ancestral lineage.

This can be seen in addiction and how it often runs deeply within a family, with many family members being affected. A transmuter will choose to commit completely to recovery, find an inner strength and can heal this generational pattern. They will halt this pattern from being passed on to the children. They may even inspire others in the family to seek treatment too.

They can also shift the society they are born into as well around them in a similar way.

5. Messengers

Messengers are those that find purpose through being a messenger between different levels of consciousness. These are the ones who live in both this world and the other side. They are the channelers.

They may be mediums or those through the world in different realms allowing messengers to come through from guides or spirits.

They are also the creatives. They may be musicians, writers or artists. They often channel deeper messengers into a piece of art that speaks directly to our soul.

6. Way showers

The Way showers are the ones who shake society up. They focus on bringing the dysfunction at the core of society to light and changing its foundations.

They may not feel society is functioning in a space of higher consciousness and so bring in new concepts into communities. This can go into extremes too.

Just look at the feminine movement. A few generations ago, women were expected to cook, clean and raise the kids. However, this was a major dysfunction that was shaken up. It was a beautiful and much-needed movement. But some may argue it’s gone to another extreme. Yet, it is still finding a balance.

7. Blueprint holders

These are those who find purpose through innovation. They are free thinkers.

These are those people who find dysfunction with our lifestyles and so invent new ideas or technology to help bring a healthier way of living.

This can be seen in the gym phenomenon. 20 years ago, people didn’t go to the gym. Now hardly anyone doesn’t have a gym contract.

It can also be a new phenomenon that I feel will be becoming more popular: living more of the grid. Urban gardenings and eco powers (especially for South Africans).

Empath’s Purpose

As empaths specifically, it is important to remember:

Our circumstances create what we need to meet our purpose.

Your purpose is revealed by not doing anything. Rather it comes about by being. This is often natural. Many are changing the world without knowing that they are.

Once you have mastered your energy, it becomes a conscious process.

Mastering your energy will bring you closer to your conscious purpose and therefore bring a deeper fulfillment and meaning in your life.

However, if you are here, reading my blog, drawn into my energy, chances are your purpose is going to become more conscious and will be channeled through energy mastery.

Remember: Purpose is not doing. Purpose is being. Especially for the empath.

I would love to know:

Which of the empath purposes do you most relate to?

Are you ready to healing shift and find purpose

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