Shed And Shift

Healing Packages

Shed and Shift Healing Packages

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Healing Packages

Healing Packages take transformation to a deeper level by focusing on areas that you would like to shift. 

Through an intensive but supportive 6-week program, based on the Shed and Shift Journey, you can start aligning with your soul, finding purpose, inner peace, joy and love.

What We Offer

Shed and Shift Package

Intuitive Energy Healing

Shed and Shift Packages offers an intense and customized 8-week healing program based on the shed and shift journey to support you in releasing energetic trauma, transforming through self-love and inner peace and finding energy mastery so you can become the co-creator of your life.

These sessions can help you:

  • Find self-healing
  • Find your soul alignment and purpose.
  • Increase your intuition, guidance and psychic abilities
  • Find inner peace, acceptance and love within
  • Increase abundance

These sessions may include a mix of the following: 

Soul Alignment Package

Intuitive Energy Healing

Soul Alignment Package is a comprehensive program designed to connect you deeper with your soul’s language, purpose and inner joy. 

During these sessions, we will shed layers that may be preventing you from allowing your soul to shine its beautiful and unique light.

We will shift into a space that brings you into alignment iwith who you are meant to be, allowing your magic to imbue your life and the world with your unique gifts and move into flow, ease and joy. 

Let The Journey To Start The Shifting, Shedding And Mastery Begin