Shed And Shift

Find Balance, Health and Wholeness

Health is truly the most valuable gift we can ever experience and this program will take you on a journey to embrace it by going inwards by drawing on the energetics of natural, holistic, plant based and a toxic free lifestyle, we can start bridging the divide to health so you can rise up in your health potential.

Let us embark on a beautiful journey of health mastery through natural, holistic and plant based living for mind, body and spirit to connect with your intuition and energetics so you find freedom in body, calmness in mind and a deeper connection with yourself.

This program will help you connect deeper with your intuition

Are you ready to join me?

Let us embark on a beautiful journey of health mastery for mind, body and spirit.

Are you ready to join me?

Do you want to delve deeper into your health roadmap?

Medical Intuitive Health Mastery

Mastering your health is the greatest journey and the most empowering journey you will ever take.

This is a medical intuitive whole food vegan plan that is holistic, natural, healthy and health-promoting through body conscious energetics healing modality.

10 Week Program

During these 10 weeks, we will go back to basics, building a balanced, holistic, whole food-based vegan plan, at a pace that is good for you. 

It will be adapted through medical intuitive sessions, connecting with you and what is needed at the time.

We will not only learn to adopt an eating plan, but we will also connect with your intuition so you can start eating more intuitively. 

This program is unique

This is a jam-packed and comprehensive 10 week program.

Medical Intuitive Assessment

This program will begin with a medical intuitive assessment where we will map your unique health journey to health mastery.

We will get to the core of what needs to shift in order to start your journey and put together some eating guidelines and food suggestions to help you get there.


These coaching sessions are adapted to where you are at and what you are needing at the time. 

 All Coaching programs will revolve around energetics and the body conscious energetics program.  They will have a different focus.

We will discuss your ideal program in the session.

Health Mastery Healing

finding your soul alignment

Health Mastery Healing is ideal for those who want to go deeper into the holistic healing journey and access the root cause of disease. 

We will go deeper into the body conscious energetics, revising your eating plan as physical healing can come in stages, exploring different energetics and getting to the core of what is preventing you from embracing your health potential.

This may go into mind and spirit energetics. 

Health Mastery Lifestyle

how important is your physical health to you

Health Mastery Coaching is ideal for those who are finding it a challenge to implement a plant-based and healthy lifestyle and need accountability, tips to make it easier and advise on how to fit it all in a busy day while still being productive and living your life.

We may explore practical advice, transitioning over to natural and non toxic products, accomodating family and any other challenges. 

This will be very practical.

Holistic Health Mastery

woman, yoga, meditation-5380651.jpg

Holistic Health Mastery goes deeper into the holistic side of vegan transitioning. 

A vegan lifestyle is not only about a new diet. There is a variety of emotional, mental or social challenges that arise. 

In these sessions, we will explore these challenges with family, the the industry and more.

We will find healing and move forward as an empowered vegan who can make a strong impact.

Delicious Vegan Meal

Vegan Mastery Program

Vegan Mastery Program is a 6 week online course that will guide you on a step by step journey, educating, empowering and supporting you in your journey to a health mastery through a plant based and natural living.

This program is free and optional if you would like to take your vegan journey to the next level.



Health Mastery

$1111 / Program
  • 1 x Medical Intuitive Assessment
  • 3 X Coaching Sessions
  • Free Access to Vegan Mastery Course
  • Free Access to the Vegan Transition Daily Support Program