Shed And Shift

Become The Compassionate Master Of Your Body

Transform Your Body Holistically and Naturally .

Let us embark on a beautiful journey of body mastery.

Are you ready to join me?

Do you want to delve deeper into body mastery through mind and spirit energetics?

Holistic Mastery Energetics

Holistic Mastery Energetics is a key component in learning to master your body.

Once you can learn to tame the mind and co-create your reality, a whole new level of health will open up.

You can step into your power and health at its highest potential.

8 Week Program

Our body and physical health is only one layer that can lead to body mastery but there are a few layers that are missing: mind, emotions and spirit which form a complex interplay.

All layers are required for health. 

These layers not only allow you to be in your ideal body, it allows you to be happy and in love with your body.

During these 8 weeks, we will go explore your body on a deeper metaphysical level.

This program is unique

This is a jam-packed and comprehensive 8-week program.

Mind Energetics

This program will start with exploring mind energetics and the complex interplay that occurs between mind and body.

We will explore any trapped emotions, beliefs or trauma that may be stored in the body preventing or sabotaging you from getting to body mastery.

It will then put together a unique program which will go into guided visualisation, inner child, feminine wounding and trauma work.

Spirit Energetics

Through Spirit Energetics, you will be taken on a magical journey to explore those hidden aspects that may be holding us back.

We will clear the energy, release any stuckness that may be holding you back and then we will quantum leap into your ideal body and the ultimate: body mastery.

What will this program will give me?

  • Deep Healing: Holistic Mastery Energetics takes this to a deep level by allowing a soul transformation.
  • Empowerment: This course is designed to empower you through self-awareness
  • Convenience: The whole program is done online so this can be done anywhere in the world. You just need internet access.
  • Life-Changing Tools: This program will change your life.
  • Mind Mastery: This program will give tools so you can find peace of mind
  • Energetic Mastery: This program will help you step into a space of creating your reality through desire and intention.
  • Worksheets: You will have worksheets to fill in as you go through the program to help you keep track of your progress.
  • Support: You will have weekly sessions with access to contact me over email or WhatsApp. 
  • You are Unique: The program has been made with that in mind.
  • It is perfect for you: This program is adapted to what you are needing at the present time.
  • Healing: You will have energy healing and energetic space holding so you can make massive leaps.
  • Coaching : You will have accountability, support and encouragement. 


Body Mastery

$1111 / Program
  • 2 x Medical Intuitive Assessment
  • 4 X Coaching Sessions
  • Worksheets
  • Support between Sessions