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Learn how to connect with your pets

Learn how to connect with your pets.

Animal Connect

How to connect with your pets… I do believe this is what all animal lovers would love to know: How can I deepen my connection, understanding and bond (if that is even possible as it truly is such a deeply loving relationship) with my beautiful animal companions.

animal connect

So animals do have their own language. They do talk to us. They can communicate their needs to us, through verbal communication and general body language. They do know what they want. 

Whether it be wanting food, wanting a different brand of food, walking, pats, animal lovers, we have this sorted. We can understand these needs.

But there is much more that is going on beyond these “physical needs”. Animals do genuinely have a broad spectrum of deeper needs and wants: emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Animal connect on this deep level, animal communication; is about tuning into their language. It is about finding the specific frequency within us that can align clearly with our animal companions. 

Animal Communication

Our Energy

The thing is, as humans, we often reflect our internal world on the external world. Our internal world is an accumulation of our journey through life including childhood experiences, social conditioning, personality and more. This becomes a guide for how we view and navigate the world around us. 

This is a good thing, as it gives us a very human and enriching experience. Our experiences make us beautiful people.

However, not all of these experiences are “positive”. Some of these experiences leave scars that can fester if not dealt with. This is a lower vibration of fear.

The thing is, being an animal communicator, something animals have taught me is we cannot really get to know who our animals are or what gifts our animals give us if we see them through this tainted subjective lens of fear. 

This isn’t the vibration of our animals.

Animal Language

Animals are in a space of presence, of joy and of love. Yes, they feel very real fear and they hold on to this fear for survival, but they process it differently to humans.

Give them a safe space, a loving home, food and good energy, they will transform into their authentic self as it is easier for them to let go of what doesn’t serve them.

So to deepen our relationship with our animals, we need to connect with them through a space of love, joy, peace and calmness.

(If you want to test this: try asking your animal to do something when you are stressed or anxious. Then try again after you have meditated)

Once we can embrace a space of love, joy, and presence, this is where animals vibrate. This is where we can learn to connect deeper. Because this is where animals are; they live here.

So you want to know how to deepen the connection with your animal companions?

Release the fear, raise your vibrations, and step into this beautiful vibration that our animals are in: love, joy and presence.

 I would love to know:

Do you find you can understand your pets? What state of mind are you in when you feel this connection the strongest? 

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