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Magic Spaces

Magic Spaces

It is what we, as conscious light beings,  strive towards. We want to enhance our spiritual journey. We want to go deeper. But how?

Let me explain.

So you meditate, work with crystals, do card readings. You learn to be more present. You learn to calm your thoughts. That is an awesome space to be in: within this energy. You are creating a space where shifting can happen.

I do recommend this as a daily part of your life. It is so very important.

However, this is one level. It is not where the deep magic happens. It can do so much deeper. When it does, you will access pure potential.

See, magic happens in the imagination.

The imagination encompasses the magic spaces.

It happens when you push your possibilities into a different reality.

This is why I often ask people to delve deeper into some of their answers in our coaching sessions, especially the card readings and questions I ask. I am asking you to connect with your potential. To connect with possibilities. To put yourself into the actual energy of the card or idea that is being presented to you.

I am asking you to move from intellect into spirit: into a space of magic.

To connect with your imagination, connect with the possibilities,  potentiality,  connect with a different reality.

A reality you would want to create.

Once you can imagine it, that is when you can start creating a different life.

I would love to hear from you

Try an exercise, when you do meditation, card readings, crystal work or your spiritual practice, let go of your intellectual mind. 

Move into the energy, into the magic, into the possibilities.

Allow your intuition to take over and let it guide you into your imagination, into a new story.

Let me know how it goes in connecting with your magic spaces.

Spend some time implementing, exploring magic spaces on a deeper level, share your experiences below, then move to the next article:

Want to explore Magic Spaces?

I would be honoured to guide you.

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