Shed And Shift

Medical Intuitive

Medical Intuitive Healing is not just about physical body health.

It is about mind and spirit health too.

In these sessions, we will focus on these transformative medical intuitive healing sessions holistically and naturally.

We will go deep to discover the root cause that is causing disease whether it be in the body, chaos in mind and disconnect from spirit. 

We will then map out your personalized healing journey, allowing body consciousness to guide you to holistic healing at the root, so you can rise up in your health potential.

*Body *Mind *Spirit

Body Conscious Energetics

Body Conscious Energetics is the ultimate holistic system that combines eco-lifestyle, mindful living, energetics and plant-based nourishment for powerful holistic transformation on a mind, body and spirit level.

Holistic Healing At The Root

The medical intuitive package is the ultimate healing journey to get you from feeling generally unhealthy to alignment, empowerment and finding health abundance. 

The healing is customized to your needs.

Your Medical Intuitive Session Can Include:

Body Energetics

Body Energetics is a comprehensive assessment where we get the core of physiological energetic imbalances that are occurring in the body, organs or cellular level. 

We will explore whether the body is being nourished with the correct nutrients. Or if there is anything in the body that needs to be released

Through a whole food plant-based living and lifestyle coaching, we will guide you back to your health potential so we can embrace body freedom, increased energy, optimising health,  vitality and a refreshing restart.

Mind-Spirit Energetics

finding your soul alignment

Mind-Spirit Energetics is a beautiful healing modality that goes deep exploring the mind-body link and any energetic trauma that may be trapped in the body preventing the healthy life force from flowing and therefore leading to disease whether it be physical, emotional or spiritual.

We will go deep into exploring the expression of this energetic trauma and releasing it at the source, by drawing on energetics, clearing this level, allowing the original source of disease to be removed, and opening up these layers to allow health, fulfilment and a new lease on life to shine through.

During these sessions, we may focus on shadow work, inner child, guided visualisations, affirmations and energetics.

Do you want to delve deeper into a mindful and holistic lifestyle?​
Let The Health Journey Begin


Medical Intuitive Healing

$333-444 / Per Assessment
  • 1 x Medical Intuitive Assessment
  • 1 x Medical Intuitive Plan Discussion
  • Tailor Made Healing Plan
  • 1 X Healing Session
  • 1 X Follow Up


Body Conscious Healing Assessments will take place distantly.

The initial intake, discussion and coaching will be discussed over an online session.

The energetic assessment, plan formulation and healing will be done remotely without a need for the call

Feedback between sessions will be over email or WhatsApp for coaching or package clients.

Body conscious healing assessments will start with an initial online intake and health assessment where we can establish goals and get an idea of where you are at. 

I will then conduct the body conscious healing assessments which can take up to 90 minutes and so this will be done distantly. 

We will then get on a  call to discuss your healing plan.

For once-off sessions, there will be follow up over email or WhatsApp in two weeks.

In the case of programs or packages, there will be email or whatsapp available when you need some support. As the work is done in sessions, it will just be a check in where we can get into more details on the calls.

Body conscious healing plans connects with your energy within the moment. 

It will give you a plan based on what you need right now.

It is deeply healing and one session can provide a huge transformation on any of the levels.

That being said, body energetics and our nourishment needs may change, which is why another assessment may be needed in 1 month, then every 6 months a follow-up could be recommended. This will be discussed in the session where we consolidate everything.

For mind-spirit energetics, there can be a lot that is stored in the body and a lot that can be absorbed into the energetic layers, so if you would like to go deeper, a session once or twice a month would be recommended

One session is extremely beneficial. However, if you would like to go deep, this is what I would recommend.

Body Energetics can be done every 3-6 months.

With mind-spirit energetics, the emotional, spiritual, mental and soul journey can be worked on continuously, going deeper and deeper. If you would like to transform deeply, every two weeks is recommended. 

I am a healer and guide. I hold space for the wisdom and guidance to come through that you need to meet your goals.

But for the most transformation, it will come through doing the work. Showing up fully for sessions, preparing to go deep into the inner work and applying what we have done between sessions into your lifestyle.

Reach out when you need more support during sessions. We are doing this work together. 

Body energetics is great for a new eating plan and lifestyle.

Mind-Spirit energetics is recommended for a change in beliefs, emotions or trauma healing and a deep exploration of energetics on a spirit level.

Once-off programs will take place over 4 weeks and must be booked within 6 weeks of the first payment.

For tailor-made packages, it will take place over 12 weeks, with all sessions being booked within 16 weeks. Please contact for more details

This is to ensure transformation which is best done within these time limits.

If not, the payment will be forfeited. 

Body Energetics takes around 3 hours, divided over online assessment, body conscious assessment,  protocol formulation and healing discussion. This will be over a few sittings.

Mind and Spirit Energetics takes around 1-2 hours, depending on whether it is one session or a package. 

I am a medical intuitive and healer. I work on an energetic level. 

I am not a doctor, psychologist or dietician. 

Everything that comes up is not scientific analysis and is not in exchange for medical advise. 

I am very specific about the clients that I take on who are at risk mentally or physically. 

However, if this approach does align, I would be willing to discuss working in conjunction with a healthcare professional.

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If you would like guidance on your ideal program,  you can book a clarity call. 

If you have questions with regards to services, please send an email, before sending through payments here, as payments are rarely refunded and if so with a fee.