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Earth Gratitude


Earth Gratitude 

Part 3 of the shed and shift journey. Begin with Part 1 and Part 2.

Earth Gratitude is created for the empath, for the earth shifter, who feel a deep connection with mother earth and wish to strengthen this relationship. 

This earth gratitude process is for the earth shifter who wishes to make a difference by giving back to the earth even while living every day, even a city, lifestyle.

This beautiful process explores the blessings within one’s life. It then gathers this energy and gifts it to the earth allowing the earth to be nurtured in love.

Are you ready to share the love???

For this process,  10 minutes a day is recommended over 9 days.

Let us master our energy.


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Earth Gratitude offers a 9-day process to explore gratitude and blessings within ones’ life and then share it with the earth.

This earth gratitude process is available over PDF.

Earth Gratitude Process offers:

  • 9-day process
  • Daily earth gratitude Exercises
  • Huge inner transformation

You would need 10 minutes a day for 9 consecutive days.


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