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Shedding Fear Fire Ritual

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Shedding Fear Fire Ritual 

This transformative journey is aimed at empaths those who feel burdened and trapped by their inner fears. They are sitting with anxiety, worry and distress and it is keeping them stuck, small and in pain.

The shedding Fear Fire Ritual process has been channeled and draws on the transmutative properties of fire in a beautiful ritual to help you release fear through a simple but powerful daily process. 

This shedding fear fire ritual may leave you feeling lighter, more free, at ease and more at peace.

Are you ready to shed fear???

For this process,  10 minutes a day is recommended over 7 days.

Let us shed.


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Shedding Fear Fire Ritual offers a 7-day process to release fears, anxieties and worries.

This ritual process is available over PDF and video.

Shedding Fear Fire Ritual offers:

  • 7-day process
  • Daily shedding fear fire ritual
  • Huge Inner Transformation
  • A guided video

You would need 10 minutes a day for 7 consecutive days.

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