Shed And Shift

Shifting To Inner Love Vibes Process


Shifting to Inner Love Vibes

Part 2 of the shed and shift journey: if you haven’t yet completed Part 1 go here: Shedding Fear Fire Ritual.

Shifting to inner love vibes is a gratitude process designed for empaths who feel their energy is scattered and wish to ground, recenter and bring themselves back to themselves.

It helps the empath to reconnect in a way that is most natural to them: going within.

It reconnects with the love and peace naturally found within. And this allows them to re-assess their life.

Are you ready???

For this uniquely channeled process, you will need rose quartz and a 5-day commitment.

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Shifting To Inner Love Vibes Process offers a 5-day introspective process to guide you in embracing love, peace, joy and gratitude and bring it into your life.

This process is available over PDF.

Shifting To Inner Love Vibes offers:

  • 5-day process
  • 5 introspective questions
  • Daily Prayer Gratitude Process
  • Huge Inner Transformation


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