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Raise Your Frequency

How to raise Your Frequency

There is much talk and quite a bit of information around how to raise your frequency or vibrations but there is less information on why anyone would want to.

Before we examine this topic, let us explore what exactly frequency is. It is quite simple. It is the rate at which the internal energy; your body, your thoughts and your emotions; are vibrating. 

This ultimately affects your consciousness and the consciousness of the world around you.

So, if you are driving, and you get cut off by a taxi and you almost have a massive accident, you are now vibrating in a space of fear; specifically for your life. You have lowered, unintentionally, your vibrational energy.

This is where mind, body and emotion will vibrate in a space of emotions that quite honestly do not feel good; although they are self-serving. This is the frequency you are in; the frequency you are sharing with the world around you. 

What would low frequency be? Or for that matter, high frequency?

A guy called David Hawkins discovered this. He wanted to map out the different levels of consciousness and frequency. And he did.

He used kinesiology to test the body at its weakness and its strongest and then mapped out the emotions and feelings associated with it. 

Fear turns out not to be the lowest frequency, as many would guess. The lowest is actually shame and the equivalent emotion of humiliation. I have listed a table below.  

Lower Your Frequency

This is where the body is at its weakest. 

Other the other side, frequencies, emotions that make you feel strong and healthy in mind, body and emotions; frequencies that raise your energy and lead to a healthy life, would include higher vibrations.

Raise Your Frequency

And now we get to the vibrations we would like to be in: vibrations that raise your frequency. 

That’s of flow, love, peace and ultimately: enlightenment. 

So why raise your frequency?

To feel good.

To raise your frequency is to be in alignment with the flow of love and consciousness. For ourselves. And them to vibrate and send all of this out to the world around us. When we are in this space we are expanding, growing and experiencing fulfillment. By default, just on a side note and quite an additional benefit, this energy is then shared with the world around us. It contributes to the reality we see and live in..

I would love to hear from you

  • Do you find this table surprising?
  • What frequencies do you spend most of your time in? 
  • Which would you like to aim for?

Let me know if you have any questions.

Spend some time implementing, reflecting and sharing, then move to the next article:

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