Shed And Shift

Healing With Runes Course

Healing with runes is an 8 day process that will take you on a beautiful journey to connect deeper intuitively with the runes and discover their magic.

healing with runes
healing with runes

Healing With Runes Course

Course Length: 8 days

About: In this 8-day process, you will be taken through daily ritual, meditation and journaling to connect deeper with the runes.

Healing with runes offers a deep meditative journey, this process will allow healing, shifting and transformation through connecting with the runes.


Aimed for: Beginners Or Intermediate

Length:  8 days

Commitment:  8 days a week, about 30 minutes a day of meditation.

This meditation process is aimed at beginners so will be easy to do.


This course is intended to allow you to connect deeper with your authentic self and  your intuition through meditation and ritual. 

In this 8 day process, you will be taken on a transformational journey to explore this healing through using runes as a tool.

This is not an educational course with information but a transformational shifting one. 

I will be holding space daily for you so you can connect deeper with the runes and their transformational powers.

How this course works:

Over 8 days, You will have detailed instructions over video, audio meditation and worksheets on how to set up the ritual and how to work through it.

This information will be accessed on this website.

What I will Gain

This runes course will hold space so you can:

  • Connect deeper to your authentic soul self
  • Allow the magic of runes to transform
  • Connect deeper to your intuition
  • Allow shedding of blocks and stuckness
  • Open up to shifting and possibilities
What Do I Need

You will need the following to join:

  • Internet Access
  • 30 - 45 minutes a day (this will be paced throughout the day, so it will not be a once-off sitting)
  • Commitment to change
  • Your unique and genuine presence
  • A rune set. This can be bought or you can make it.

In order to get the most from this course, time commitment and self-presence is recommended.

Healing With Runes Process is for you if

  • I want transformation.
  • I want to heal.
  • I want internal change.
  • I want to bring magic into my life.
  • I want to connect deeper with my intuition.
  • I want to connect with the runes.
  • I am looking for an experience.
  • I am looking to heal through connecting with runes.

This program offers you a journey:

A journey about YOU. A journey to healing. A journey to becoming empowered. A journey guiding you to energy mastery.

Healing With Runes Process is not for you if

This course is not for you if you are looking for an intellectual learning process. This course does not provide book knowledge.

This course is not about divination and knowing the future; it is about connecting with your intuition.

If you are not open to change.

If you cannot commit your energy fully for the 8 days.

Do you want to delve deeper into energy mastery, intuition and rune magic?