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Sacred Morning Meditation Ritual

Sacred Morning Meditation Ritual

About your Sacred Morning Meditation Ritual

Sacred Morning Meditation Ritual is the most important spiritualSacred Morning Meditation Ritual to start your day ritual for me. It is my routine. This is the basis for my day and on many levels guides my flow of productivity, centeredness and how my day actually flows. It is my favourite space to be in. If I miss it, do I know it! My day tends to be out of alignment.

I have a space within my house which is my spiritual corner. I spend my mornings here for at least 20 minutes. Once I am awake I move into my sacred space and start my morning rituals.

When to do your meditation ritual?

For me, I find the morning timing important. I am moving out of sleep, from the place of dreams, healing and many possibilities ( I will go into further explanation in another article…so stay tuned!!!). We are more connected to source without the blocks of filtering through a subjective mind frame. As you move from one reality to the next, this is the energy you are bringing with you.

This energy is pure consciousness and the perfect place to meditate. Its the ideal way to connect to intuition.

By turning this into a ritual, we learn to ground all this beautiful energy into our physical reality. We can ground ourselves, our ideas and endless possibilities. We wrap this all up into the physical reality of manifestation and action.

My sacred morning meditation ritual

My sacred morning meditation ritual is one where I ground fully, connect to myself and set my intentions to start the day.

The first thing I do is just sit quietly. I reflect on dreams or any insights from the night before.

I tune in with myself. I see where I am currently and what my energy is like. I decide what I can do if I am feeling out of balance: maybe a card reading or maybe some healing.

When I am feeling centered and balanced, I mentally send love and healing to those I love. To the planet, the animals, people and general consciousness. 

I then proceed to plan my day. I write in my diary what needs to be done. This includes exercise, eating right, self-care, work, self-care for others and daily routine.

Spend some time reflecting or implementing

I would Love to Hear From You.

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  • Do you have a sacred morning ritual?
  • If so, what does it entail and how does it help you?
  • If not, let us start implementing it and let me know how it goes.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Spend some time implementing, reflecting and sharing, then move to the next article:

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