Shed And Shift

Shadow Alchemy Package

Are your ready to embrace your magic?

Let us shed what is preventing you from living a soul-aligned life

With the exclusive shedding package.

Let us create your ideal life

I have a magic wand. It can create any life you want to live.

The only conditions are these:

It can create a life that is guided by unconditional and healthy self-love. Because it is guided by love, joy will follow.

This life will be one of inner peace which reflects a calmness within your emotions and mind for clear co-creator of your reality.

This life will help your soul expand and grow, through a deeply intuitive connection which will guide you towards fulfilment, allowing your gifts to shine.

It will give you the gift of embracing your inner magic.

Stop, after this paragraph and reflect: Work, Relationships, Finances, Day to Day Life and most importantly: the relationship with yourself. what would this life look like? Would you want this life? Close your eyes and spend a minute imagining the possibilities.

If you want this, if you are ready to start shining, this soul-aligned life can be yours. I can guide you there.

Once we can shed the layers…

It all starts with shedding.

Shadow Alchemy Package

Hi I am Meg

I am honoured that you are here and exploring the shadow alchemy package.

I can tell you: it is a powerful one.

It is a combination of my experience, wisdom and the combination of many different healing modalities that range over 10 years, combined into a 8-week program, designed to help you.  

It really is the ultimate transformative program that goes deep into the combination of shadow work and energy shifting, allowing you to shed the layers that are keeping you in pain, stuckness, fear and heaviness.

About The Program

Program Length: 8 weeks

Description: In this shadow alchemy package, you will be taken on a journey inwards to shed layers so you can finally start embracing inner peace, self-love and magical expression.

About: To access your soul’s magical light, a clear channel is needed.

This channel gets blocked by many unhealed parts that are pushed into the shadow aspects including energetic trauma, childhood, society’s expectation, heavy emotions, limiting beliefs, past lives and more.

These layers are not bad; they hold gifts but because they are painful they are pushed into the shadows.

Through accessing these aspects of self, you can start peeling back these layers, bringing these aspects to the light, integrating them and reconnecting with an abundance of love, peace and the authentic soul self you who holds gifts and magic, allowing yourself to shine your light brightly and authenticall

How it works

Where are you at?

This program starts at the beginning with spiritual mentoring: where are you at? What would you like to change?

Explore Your Story

Then we will explore your story in more depth through shadow work, creativeness and storytelling focusing on learning the lessons


Through powerful healing modalities, we will start shedding and releasing aspects that are not serving you.


We will start integrating all you have learnt into the new you, the one aligned with a soul-led life, intuition, joy and peace.

The Light is there, it is just being hidden, being contained. Remove the layers and let yourself shine.

Let Us Start Shedding

Start Your Program Here:

Your journey is unique and so should your program. This will be a guideline that may deviate based on intuitive healing guidance.

Week 1 and 2

finding your soul alignment

Spiritual Mentoring

For the first two weeks, we will delve into Spiritual Mentoring sessions.

During these sessions, we explore all areas of your life explore where you are at, where you would like to get to and what is blocking you from reaching those goals.

These sessions will be a mixture of spiritual guidance, mentoring and energy healing.

Week 3, 4, 5 and 6

Shadow Alchemy

Shadow Alchemy will delve deep into those subconscious aspects hidden within us that are preventing our light from shining. 

Through creativeness, storytelling, inner child, guided visualization and energy shifting, we will start releasing these aspects so you can find love, peace and magic.

Week 7 and 8

Spiritual Mentoring

During the last two weeks, we will spend the time integrating the new you, grounding your magic and redefining your future.

Shedding is the ultimate transformation process

Let Us Start Shedding



$1179 / Program
  • 8 X Online Sessions (Spiritual Mentoring, Energy Healing or Shadow Alchemy)
  • Guided Worksheet
  • Weekly Healing Processes
  • Support Between Sessions over Whatsapp or Email

How The Shadow Alchemy Package Sessions Works:

Coaching sessions will take place through an online conversation over Zoom, WhatsApp or telegram.

Any healing will be sent distantly, where I will connect with where you on an energy level and give feedback during our weekly session.

These sessions are flexible and intuitively guided so they adapted to what you are needing at the moment while still staying on track with the program.



For the program, you will have a worksheet.

This worksheet will guide the program with weekly healing tasks for you to complete.

There is the option for reaching out between sessions over whatsapp, telegram or email.

This will be welcome but will just be to touch base.

The healing and work is done during sessions. I cannot fully give the support you need and deserve over text, although I will distantly hold the energy.

If you feel you need more support, additional sessions can be arranged.

After the session, different things may happen.

Sometimes, you may be feeling relaxed, lighter and clearer.

Other times, things are being released and this can lead to a healing crisis. This may be in mind, emotions or body. It is a good sign although it doesn't always feel good.

You may experience symptoms similar to a physical detox ( cold, sore joints) or it can be strong emotions. 

This will pass.

However, if you feel these symptoms are very intense, you are welcome to message me to discuss and if needed to book another session

The sessions will be an hour in total.

The online sessions will be between 20 and 45 minutes, with the remaining time being focused on energy healing.

I can deal with a range of different life experiences however I am not a mental health practitioner or therapist. 

For aspects such as suicidal thoughts, active addiction or related it is better to contact a professional in these areas.



Payment Plan


Month 1: $620

Month 2: $620

Payment Plan


Month 1: $500

Month 2: $360

Month 3: $360


Let The Journey To Embracing Magic Begin