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Spiritual Coaching

Are you ready to rediscover your authentic soul self?

Spiritual coaching sessions will take you on a journey to release traumatic energy blocks so you have a clear channel to reconnect with your higher self, your inner wisdom and purpose.

Gently,  we will release parts that are not serving our highest soul potential through spiritual mentoring, self-reflection and shadow alchemy

An online session will guide you on your journey to find total peace, inner love and empowered compassion within.

These sessions are the first step to mastering your energy.

Shed, Shift, Master

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What We Offer

Shadow Alchemy

Spiritual Mentoring Sessions

Shadow Alchemy will go deep into shadow work, energetically tapping into past trauma, in an accepting and gentle way, through the use of creativeness, meditation and stories.

These sessions will help you to release trauma so you can let go of the burdens and move forward in love, peace and wholeness.

These sessions may include:

Spiritual Coaching

Spiritual Mentor

Spiritual Coaching sessions will use a combination of intuitive coaching and healing where we will access areas in your life you feel dissatisfied, blocked or stuck.

We will identify the roots causes, then draw on powerful healing tools to help clear emotions of pain, heaviness, and stuckness.

This will help you align deeper with your authentic self and soul purpose.

These sessions may include:Co

A Journey Experience

“I initially contacted Megan for a reading. During the follow up sessions emotional blockages emerged, what took me on a journey of self-discovery and acceptance of many things I was unhappy with in my life . Megan uses different holistic and intuitive techniques such as reiki, guided visualisations, inner child work, card reading, dream interpretation or guided karmic regressions in order to help you heal yourself. These techniques worked for me much better than more traditional psychotherapy. Megan´s sessions really helped me to ground myself at the same time that connect with my higher self. I feel much more stronger and happier after one year and a half of therapy whit her.

How Spiritual Coaching Sessions Works:

Mentoring sessions will take place through an online conversation over Zoom, WhatsApp or telegram.

The healing will be sent distantly, where I will connect with where you on an energy level.

Each session is guided intuitively and so the structure may change.

Generally, the session will start with an intake form.

We will arrange a time for an online session where we will discuss everything in more detail:  about you, your concerns and goals for the session.  We may move into shadow work, spiritual mentoring or guided visualization.

We may then move into healing with energetic and spiritual transformation tools. This will take place distantly.

Once healing is done, I will send feedback via email or WhatsApp.

Spiritual Coaching is focused on the present.  We will discuss challenges within your life and draw on spiritual wisdom to help shift things. 

Shadow Alchemy is focused on the past. It accesses traumatic energy blocks and then heals them. It redefines who you are within the present.

It can be decided within the session which one will be best for you.

The spiritual mentoring and shadow alchemy session is a time for you. It is a time to nurture the self. It is recommended to have a quiet and undisturbed space so you can focus on the work.

During the session, we will be having a discussion. You may want to bring a pen and notes to jot down ideas.

For healing session, you can find relaxing music and use this time to fully relax.

As you play relaxing music, you can lie down and meditate. If you find that difficult, or if you are called, you can do some creative work such as art or writing.


Spiritual mentoring can easily be done online.

Energy transcends space so by connecting with your energy, I can send healing just as effectively.

Many clients can feel the healing and have incredible experiences

After the session, different things may happen.

Sometimes, you may be feeling relaxed, lighter and clearer.

Other times, things are being released and this can lead to a healing crisis. This may be in mind, emotions or body. It is a good sign although it doesn't always feel good.

You may experience symptoms similar to a physical detox ( cold, sore joints) or it can be strong emotions. 

This will pass.

However, if you feel these symptoms are very intense, you are welcome to message me to discuss and if needed to book another session

Spiritual Mentoring sessions will be around 20-45 minutes.

The rest of the time, if required, will be taken by healing.

This time for each would be dependant on your needs, preferences and intuitive guidance

This would depend on the person and situation.

I would recommend starting with the shedding package if you want to shift things on a deep level.

These sessions are more for once off, for maintenance after the package.

Or they can be used for support through minor changes.

The packages offers complete transformation and support for 8 weeks.

Once off sessions are just sessions for some guidance and clearing.

Single Sessions

A 25 minute reiki session is $65.

A 45 minute intuition healing session is $120.


3 x 25 minute reiki sessions are $150.

3 x 45 minute intuitive healing sessions are $300. 

These packages are only valid 6 weeks from the first session.

For South Africans, please contact for local prices.

You can go to the following links:

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Once payments have been sent, you will receive an email with a booking time. 

If you have questions with regards to services, please send an email, before sending through payments here, as payments are rarely refunded and if so with a fee.

Let The Journey To Start Shifting, Inner-Love and Total Peace Begin