Shed And Shift




Here are some testimonials showing what experiences and shifts happen for those who work with me.  

Let us explore clients’ shed and shift testimonials, what you have to say, what experiences you have had and see how I have guided many people on their journey to embrace their gifts and magic.

I can help you too.

I did my first energy Healing session with Megan Bailey and it was incredible! I'm so fortunate to have had such a kind, gentle, compassionate and professional soul lead me through the session. We did an amazing meditation to connect with my baby (im pregnant) as well as to connect with my ancestors. My body literally felt goosebumps and such strength. I was having such a stressful day but after the session with Megan, I was amazingly calm and relaxed. She helped me understand what I need to incorporate more into my life and gave me guidence on what to do after the session. Megan also did a tarot reading for me which was spot on. I really felt so at ease in her presense. Her beautiful soul really comes through in her healing. I highly recommend Megan and her services to anybody interested in working through their limiting beliefs , healing their body and soul and getting direction in their business.
I celebrate 6 years clean and sober today. Thank you so much for the meditation classes and for the effort you put into me. I always share that my mediation sessions with you is what encouraged me to work my recovery. I love you and thank you for everything
Before Megan, I'd never done an energy healing session. I spent years dissociated to from my body and not really attuned to the energy within and around me. After my spiritual awakening, I realised how important energy actually is... Its everything. Megan's distant healing sessions are so powerful and deeply nourishing for the soul. Her meditations are so relaxing I almost fell asleep I highly recommend Megan for your next energy healing session, she's professional, compassionate and provides a safe space for you to relax and heal.
Thabk you for thedistant healing, Megan. It was amazing. I felt my sacral and solar plexus respondied to the healing. God bless you more.
“I initially contacted Megan for a reading. During the follow up sessions emotional blockages emerged, what took me on a journey of self-discovery and acceptance of many things I was unhappy with in my life . Megan uses different holistic and intuitive techniques such as reiki, guided visualisations, inner child work, card reading, dream interpretation or guided karmic regressions in order to help you heal yourself. These techniques worked for me much better than more traditional psychotherapy. Megan´s sessions really helped me to ground myself at the same time that connect with my higher self. I feel much more stronger and happier after one year and a half of therapy whit her.
I am genuinely recommending anyone who wants to learn more about Healing and to Improve their Self-Awareness and become Happier, More Joyful and More Peaceful to contact Megan and work 1 to 1 as the results she is providing are amazing.

I am saying this because the Impact of being part of this group and having a Close Connection with you is having a Profound, Positive Impact on my Life. Thank you Megan, I am Truly Grateful and I am looking forward to continuing to work together in the future.
Just to thank Megan for a very interesting and insightful session. Highly recommended for personal problems that require a deeper understanding that goes beyond conventional medicine. Excellent value and feedback!
The session has provided for me with such an incredible abundance that I am closer than ever with my mother and whole family
Megan’s guided meditation was a transformative experience. The visualisations were both beautiful and clear and unfolded in wonderful animation. I experienced profound energetic shifts and revelations.
I am writing this testimonial for you as I feel you deserve it for all the Care, Love, Guidance, Knowledge and Support you are offering me.

Since we met recently, you are Truly showing Great Interest in Helping me to Grow and becoming the Best Version of Myself.
Not long had a reading by Megan and can't get over how spot on it was, thank you Meganir
The reading was spot on. thank you
Megan was amazing she completed a remote reading and healing. She was correct in her analysis and I definitely felt better after it. Highly recommended.
Thank you Megan for the amazing reading. I love the Archetype cards and the answers were so accurate and helpful. I am excited for the future and feel confident with the clarity of my purpose and path ahead. Many blessings xxx”