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What everyone needs to know about energy healing

About Energy Healing

Although energy balancing has become more mainstream than it has been in the past, it is still a more obscure concept. An idea that many people have heard of. But not something many people know about, understand or can accurately explain.

Most think of it as being a little “woo-hoo”, different and out there. They may think of it as something separate from our lives and something intriguing. It may be something to try once in a while for the experience.

But many do not believe it to be relevant to who we are and how we live our lives. And it is not usually thought of as something to incorporate within one’s life.

I would like to change that. I would like to empower you with both knowledge and wisdom.

Energy is everything

Because energy applies to all of us. It is a part of our everyday life. We live energy. We are energy. Although this is not always a conscious thought process. (However, when becoming more involved in energy work, we can make it a conscious process and this will completely transform your life.)

Personally, energy medicine and energy management is something I incorporate into my life daily. I live in a space of energy shifting. It is usually very much a conscious process. It is the foundation of my life and how I function.

It gives my life ease, joy, love, flow, peace, empowerment, acceptance… it is an endless list. Energetic healing has enriched my life and infused it in countless ways.

I strongly feel that everyone can experience this. I want to show you how.

But before we examine the benefits, let us explore the basics of what healing with energy is all about. 

What is energy?

Energy can be known by many different terms; including chi, prana, vibrational healing, alternative medicine or energy medicine.

It is all the same thing: essentially it is about the life force that exists within everything. It is this life force that sustains us.

This concept of life force is the basis for energetic healing.

What is healing?

Healing can be defined as a holistic practice that focuses on balancing both mind, body and emotions through balancing this energy; otherwise known as our energetic field.

It consciously connects with this life force and channels it.

This life force connects with our energy field which can be thought of as having a blueprint that holds our energetic information as genes do for our physical body. It filters into the mind, the emotions and the body. It all starts here within this blueprint and its connection to the life force.

If this energy is flowing freely and is light, you will experience health. You experience this often. For example, when you are in love, you feel like you are floating. When you get a promotion, you are filled with a deep sense of satisfaction. When you are hanging out with your pets, you feel at peace. These are signs of health, that your soul is being nurtured and that the energy is flowing freely.

This sense of flow leaves us feeling aligned, vitalized, at peace, full of joy, whole and allows us to be in a space of unconditional love and gratitude.

However, this energy does not always flow freely. It can become blocked or stagnant. It can become heavy. This can be caused by many different things which I will explain more in upcoming blogs.

When this happens, you feel heavy in body, mind and soul. It can manifest in feelings of hopelessness, depression, anxiety, unease, physical disease, fatigue and a deep sense of depletion.

This happens because the energy cannot flow freely and spread the life force throughout the holistic being you are. This leads to certain areas becoming deprived of this essential life-giving force. When this happens, the holistic being cannot connect fully to the blueprint and its own wisdom on how to maintain balance, wholeness and health.

Hold up, we are talking about energy. Why are you talking about the mind, the emotions and the body?

Mind, Body and soul

The human being, all sentient beings, are a complex mix. They are energy but also an accumulation of other aspects: a holistic system that connects the mind with the emotions with the body.

It starts within the energy field though and filters down through the various layers within the energy field. This then leads to the mind, the emotions and ultimately the body.

So stagnated energy can lead to imbalances in the mind, emotions or body while free-flowing energy can lead to a balanced mind, emotion and body.

They all affect one another.

(This is also why I work with Body Conscious Diagnostic. Our body stores many things: emotions, memories and thoughts throughout many dimensions. If there is a balance within the body, there is often an imbalance with the emotions and mind. They all affect one another and it’s important to find the root cause on whatever level it happens.)

The good news? This energy field is simpler to balance than a physical disease in the body. Drawing on powerful energy balancing techniques, you can in a relatively short time, balance this energy and find flow.

The other good news: If you catch the stagnant energy in the auric field, you can prevent it from filtering down and turning into something physical and something harder, not still possible, to release. This is why healing through energy is said to be preventative medicine. It is why it is so important to balance your energy at its source.

And energetic alignment feels amazing and so very powerful in shifting and healing.

By balancing the auric and chakra field, you are initiating change, healing and alignment. Because of the blueprint, our body knows what it needs to do, it just needs a spark to initiate the innate knowledge of how to heal itself.

Starting from the blueprint, connecting with the energetic channels: through the aura and chakras, you are providing the body what it needs on a subtle but important level so the body can find its alignment again.

This is not a new concept.

Ancient and powerful healing practices are based on these concepts.

Reiki, Homeopathy, Chinese medicine, meridian balancing: this is all based on balancing energy and allowing it to flow freely.

Intuitive Energy Healing

The intuitive energy healing I do is a bit different from most practitioners. I don’t just focus on one technique such as reiki. I work with intuitive healing. I connect intuitively with universal wisdom, to your and my healing guides, to channel a specific type of energetic healing. Energy healing that is uniquely designed for the specific person or animal at the time and their unique needs.

This can draw on over 15 healing modalities (I have studied a lot), that combine in many different ways, that adapt to what is needed at present so I take healing deep, to different dimensions, through this intuitive wisdom.

This may include hand healing where I channel a specific type of frequency: reiki healing, pranic healing or general balancing.

Or I may use theta healing to work on a deep subconscious level through calling in new and healthier belief systems and ways of being.

Or shamanic healing, where I journey in different states of consciousness, beyond the present, to bring different parts back or add in healing energies. From this comprehensive perspective, I shift the core of the energy.

Or through an energy shifting meditation, guided visualization and shifting perspective which can allow a letting go of current reality and allow the creating of a new one to come into your space.

There are amazing tools: crystals, smudging, elements, tarot, runes, medicine wheel. I have an incredible medicine bag to draw on.

Sometimes vibrational healing exercises get invented within the moment.

There are so many different vibrational healing systems out there to explore.

This is the beauty of energy balancing and what I love about it: just being a channel to be able to give the frequency that is needed. And seeing the often miraculous transformation that my clients experience.

And, energy balancing works beyond the physical, beyond space. It also works beyond time. It does not have to be done in person. It can be done remotely with exactly the same benefits.

It truly is such a magical field to be in.

So now we know a bit about energy healing, let us explore some of the benefits: 18 to be exact, although there are far more. These are some of my personal reasons I believe as well as an idea of how energy balancing positively impacts my life.

So let us explore: What everyone needs to know about energy healing.

How can energy balancing help you?

Benefits of energy healing

1. Self Healing

The body is an incredible self-regulating organism.  When it doesn’t have what it needs, it cannot function at optimal levels. This can lead to sickness, fatigue, depression and overall imbalance.

However, give the body exactly what it needs and it has the blueprints within it to start the healing process and find its’ natural state of being.

Energy healing is an excellent tool to provide the spark the body needs to start the self-regulating and self-healing process.

2. Energy Healing is Holistic

Energy healing is holistic.

It works on all levels including mind, body, emotions, soul and frequency.

And as all of these levels are intertwined, when an imbalance occurs on one level, it can affect other areas too. However, when healing one level, it automatically filters through the other layers and balances the other levels.

Intuitive Healing can focus on the most effective layer to start with right at the root cause.

3. Physical Healing

Yes, as contradictory as this may sound, energy healing works on a physical level.  Many turn to this type of healing to help alleviate physical disease.  It has been proven to have tangible effects.

Energy healing helps to shift the body into a deep sense of space and inner being, which is more natural, so it can open the life force through a clear channel and initiate its healing process.

This can help to release disease, optimize health and increase energy levels.

4. Relaxation

In today’s lifestyle, we are constantly doing. We are in a heightened state of activity; repetitively in a space of flight or fight mode. In this state, our body is releasing cortisol to help “protect ” and ready us for action so we can keep ourselves safe. This is good and necessary when you are in danger. But the body, ideally, should not be placed in danger. 

With this constant state of danger, cortisol is being released in excess, which has disastrous consequences on the body and health. 

Excess cortisol has been shown to increase the risk of anxiety, depression, digestive problems, headaches, muscle pain, heart disease, heart attack, high blood pressure, stroke, sleep disturbances, weight gain and cognitive function

The way to counterbalance it is through relaxation

When you get into a healing space, this comes naturally. Your body stops “surviving” and finds a space of “being”, which balances it out.

This state of relaxation becomes a powerful space for healing.

This is why often people fall asleep in healing sessions and why it is so good for you to do so.

5. Mental Healing

Our thoughts, more so the negative chatter,  often become repetitive and it can be hard to break that cycle and just get out of our heads. This can create much anxiety within us.

Energy healing provides a powerful way to work through this.

It helps to clear this negative energy, our negative thoughts, as well as release belief systems that keep us trapped without unconscious patterns.

Energy healing on the mental level also helps to calm our thoughts and focus them to allow for clear thinking, sound decision making and improved memory.

It also gives us much-deserved inner peace.

6. Emotional Healing

Often, we are sitting with a range of emotions, such as, fear, anger, hatred, guilt, jealously or more, that are not pleasant to be with. Often, they feel so overwhelming and we just don’t know how to process them.

Energy healing is incredible in releasing these emotions. It helps to clear away emotional blocks that we hold on to and allows us to gently let them go.

Shed and Shift Crystal Chakra Balancing

It then invites in a higher vibration of acceptance, love and peace with our emotional energy. It also embraces positive emotions, as there is now less conflict and resistance. We find more pleasant emotions that we would rather be.

It also helps us learn to regulate and process our emotions.

7. Trauma release

As we go through life, our bodies absorb what we go through. This is what the foundation of Holistic Body Conscious Diagnostic service is about where we access all these experiences.

Sometimes these experiences are good but sometimes life is difficult. We experience hardships and we find it difficult to cope.

When this happens, a self-regulating mechanism kicks in. Our bodies, being the blueprint that it is, has a coping mechanism that helps us to function and survive.  It stores what we go through.

These become emotional blocks that get stored within the body.

Energy healing helps to dissolve this trauma and release memories that do not serve us anymore so we can move in a space that promotes health.

You can notice miraculous shifts within you and your life when you operate from a space of freedom without trauma, blocks, pain or emotional blockages.

8. Energy Clearing

As you have probably heard, and science has proven, everything is energy.

Energy healing is based on the idea that flow is health; stagnation can lead to disease.

Energy healing helps to release any stagnation within the body. It helps to balance your energy, including; your chakras, meridians and aura. These are the energy channels that connect, process and manage our energetic flow.

This is experienced by a beautiful state of lightness and freedom on a mental, emotional and physical level.

9. Spiritual Healing

As the word energy implies, energy healing is about spiritual growth and expansion.

Energy healing helps to release outdated energy within us within our genes. But it can go far deeper too. It can also access ancestral information that has been passed down through numerous generations. These are often patterns that are seen to repeat themselves. These may be good; such as having a loving or abundance family dynamics.

Or it can be ancestral trauma; such as divorce, abuse, mental illness. These are not contributing to our spiritual growth or our happiness and can be released.

This release helps to expand our energy and spiritual growth.

It connects us with our Higher Power

10. Humanity

When you are living in a space of higher vibration, of holistic health and flow, you become like a magnet. You not only attract people to you, you naturally and effortlessly elevate them to your level.

This feels incredible for those around you, similar to a refreshing cleanse and movement to a lighter space.

You are doing incredible work for humanity. People feel better which creates a better society.

(Yes, it can be draining too if you do not know how to manage your energy.)

11. Conscious Growth

To expand on humanity, this is not only about people around you that you come into physical contact with, although this is an incredible achievement.

It is also about general consciousness.

By raising your vibration, you are also raising the vibration of our planet and general consciousness on the earth as a whole.

You are raising your soul group too. You are accelerating our collective spiritual growth.

12. Balance and Harmony

There is nothing more welcome than being in a state of balance, harmony and flow.

Energy healing initiates and creates a beautiful state of flow within the body that feels alive and vibrant. We feel light and open to endless possibilities.

This state of being mirrors the external world. Things just fall into this amazing state of alignment, flow and opportunities, without much effort.

13. Healing Space

The space of being when in a healing session is one of the best feelings ever.

This unique space transports you into a space of being, of breath and energy. Of the elusive state of oneness or nirvana.

It’s a space of openness where your body can start cleansing, healing and aligning gently.

14. Self Time

When in an energy healing space, you find a unique space that is only about you.

You meet yourself exactly where you are at.

But you start to see yourself, through a lens of unconditional love, gentleness and acceptance of self. A deeper understanding of self develops as well as a deeper self-knowledge.

This is the seed of transformation that allows us to come back to our authentic soul self. It helps you find your center. It’s the key to happiness and fulfillment.

15. Intuition

When in a healing session, you connect deeper not only with the self but also the higher soul or the soul. A direct and clear link is established

This allows profound internal wisdom and a deeper connection with your own intuition and soul direction.

Guidance may come up, although sometimes it isn’t conscious and play out over a few days.

16. Mindfulness

When is a space of energy healing, you become truly present within the present.

There are no worries or anxiety about the future. You are not in a space of fear, feeling out of control and being in a space of  stress about how things will turn out.

You are not living or focused on the past, living with regrets and wondering how to change things. Or living in a time you felt was easier.

These different times is where anxiety, depression and other mental illnesses stem from.

In mindfulness, in the energy healing, there is just the now.

Within the present, there is acceptance, peace and empowerment.

17. Gift of love

Energy healing is truly a gift of love.

It’s giving ourselves a space of release from fear and negativity.

It allows unconditional love, healing and growth.

But it goes a bit deeper.

It is the intention that we truly deserve and allowing ourselves to accept it, that is a powerful step of our journey to self-love, inner peace, joy and spirituality.

18. Energy Healing is for everyone

Energy healing is for everyone. .

It can be for women, men, young and old, healthy, sick, humans, animals, plants the earth; even situations. Everything is energy so everything can use shifting to align things. 

Everyone can benefit from energy balancing.

Energy Sessions are Unique

Here are 18 things everyone needs to know about energy healing.

Some of the reasons I love energy healing; for myself as well as others.

Some of these you may connect with, others reason may seem too “woo-hoo”.

But that is the beauty of intuitive energy healing.

And, it can be adapted to your belief systems and what you feel comfortable with. There is no underlying religious affiliation with energy work and I adapt the sessions around my client’s spiritual and religious practices.

It can be done distantly.

 I would love to know:

Have you had an energy healing session? What was your experience? What benefits have you felt? Do you have an energy healing superpower: a modality you connect more than others?

Would love to hear more in the comments below.

Are you ready to experience and include these amazing benefits as a part of your everyday life?

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