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Body Conscious Diagnostic

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Body Conscious Diagnostic

Body Conscious Diagnostic will take you on healing journey to a space where you can connect deeper with your inner health guru, sink into a space of inner flow and relaxation within your body and find health in balance with your unique self and body type.

Body Conscious Diagnostic

Body Conscious Diagnostic is the ultimate holistic program that combines energy, eco-lifestyle, mindful living, plant energetics and plant based nourishment for powerful transformation on a mind, body and soul level.

Body Conscious Diagnostic

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What this program will give you:

Body Conscious Diagnostic is stepping into the embrace of nature and mother earth: a gentle, accepting and loving space that opens up the potential for shifting into a more authentic you.

Through online sessions and distant healing, we will explore together your health blocks, releasing them and transforming them so you can metamorphasize into a new health-abundant reality.

These will adapted to your program.

Do you want to delve deeper into a mindful and holistic lifestyle?​
Let The Health Journey Begin

Your Program Packages:

Your Detox Program

Your Detox Program meets you in an accepting, gentle and loving space where we will explore your current health, what you would like to release and how we can help you to get to. We will begin a gentle and holistic detox. 

Health Enhancer

Your Health Program goes deeper into the healing process through nourishing the body and mind. Through body conscious diagnostic we will explore lifestyle and healthy plant-based eating tips.

Health Rediscovered

Health Redefined

Health Rediscovered focuses on the metaphysical and holistic root cause of illness: physical, mental, emotional and energetic. It focuses on finding the right healing program to find acceptance and health.

reclaim your body

Reclaim Your Body

Reclaim your health is the prerequisite to any weight loss program. This program focuses on emotional, mental and energetic aspects so you can reclaim your loving and acceptance relationship with your body.

Let us make sure it is the right fit. Limited Space available so apply today